How To Remove Password Protection From A PDF

Simple Guidance For How To Remove Password Protection From A PDF

How To Remove Password Protection From A PDF – 

Portable Document Format, popularly known as PDF. They carry your document through this huge computing system. Before they were caught in the wrong hands, the company has made password protect PDF files. This password was added to keep your data safe, prevent Plagiarism and many of them are encrypted means, even PDF viewer companies cannot access the information without a password.

But if you feel, that they don’t need protection anymore. But still, you keep entering the password every time you open the files, you should remove password protection.

Things About How To Remove Password Protection From A PDF For Android/IOS/Web Browsers & Adobe Acrobat?

Before we begin, I must tell you that there are many methods for removing passwords in Android, iPhone, Google Chrome, and Adobe Acrobat Pro. For your convenience, we’ve listed them in our headings.

How to Remove Password Protection on Android?

Of course, when you are using Android phones, there is an easy way to remove the password just to follow the below instructions:-

1) PDF Utilities, an app on Google Play Store, you can install and download the app.

2) Then, you can open the application here. Next, you can select the appropriate file you want to remove the password. And after tap on Start.

3) In further, it will show the pop-up and ask you to enter a password. You can enter it and tap OK. And that’s, there will be a new file with the same name without password protection enabled.

Note: This app is no more listed in the App store. So, here is the alternative procedure for IOS users.

You Should Know About How to Remove Password on IOS?

There are many ways to remove password protection on IOS, however, on the internet, many websites are showing paid methods for doing this. But in reality, it’s totally different, IOS users can remove the password without any paid methods. You can follow these steps for this:

1) Download and install this free app on App Store, the Document app.

2) Afterwards you can select the appropriate file in which you really want to remove the password. Once the file is opened in the Document application, you can tap on the Menu button.

3) Then, you can tap on the Change Password option here. And you can set the new password or Remove the existing one.

4) And after this, you can also transfer it to your iPads and Mac.

There is also a Default setting in Mac, where you can change or can remove the password.

Remove Password Protection on Google Chrome as well as the other web browsers

If you’re a PC, this is the easiest way to remove password from PDF files

1) Open your PDF document in Google Chrome, unlock the file with a password.

2) After unlocking, give the print command,

i) Command + Alt  (Print Command for Mac users )

ii) Ctrl + Alt (Print Command for Windows users). 

And then you can save the PDF & click on the save button here.

3) And this will create a local file on your computer without any password!

This can also be done by other browsers.

Procedure for Remove the PDF Password with Adobe Acrobat Pro

In Adobe Acrobat Pro, you’ll see this option in the settings

1) Open your PDF in Acrobat Pro, Unlock it.

2) After unlocking click on the Lock icon, then Security Settings, and you’ll see many options but tap on Permission Details.

3) Once been found it then you can click on Security Method to No security.

If You Forget Your PDF File Password, Do This…

If you’ve forgotten your password, there are multiple ways to open it. But how secure they are, can be questioned. You’ve two ways to open it firstly, print it down in Google Chrome

1) Open the file in Google Chrome and there choose Print.

2) Select the available printing option and click on Print Button.

3) If this method worked out, you now have your file without a password.

The second option is of website name

1) Go to the site, chose the file, and upload the encrypted file.

2) Then you can click on the Unlock PDF and wait for the process is completed.

3) If it got successful you’ve unlocked the file.

Lastly, as PDFs are now playing a good role in our work life, these tiny techniques on PDF files might help you to save some of your time. By going through the article, you might get this that, Password PDFs are also a not-so secure option. You shouldn’t share any sensitive information through PDFs, Beware!

That’s How To Remove Password Protection From A PDF, I hope you find it helpful

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