How to send blank message

How to send blank message

Are you in a mood to do something funny? Do you want to play a prank on your friend? Are you planning to act a ghost prank by sending Blank Message? Do you know the method and wanted to learn from how to send the blank message?

Sending a blank message to someone sounds like a stupid idea it can easily knock people’s mind. The social media messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Of course, In this world, none of them allows you to send a empty/blank messages so far. Though sending a blank message does not make any sense but it can make the receiver extremely curious also that can be surprising as it is not possible to send.

Is it really possible to send a blank message?

There is nothing impossible in man driven technology. If it’s not possible to perform in any simple way, there will be some trick to make it done. In this case, also you can send blank messages on social media platforms by using a few simple hacks. If you want to send a blank message using a phone messaging app then you can do that just by sending a few spaces. But when you choose Facebook, Whatsapp or their social media applications then sending a blank message can be a little tricky for you. So if you are using one of those platforms then this article will help you to learn how to send blank message.

How to send blank message using the default messaging application?

Sending a blank message through your phone’s default app is quite easy. You can follow the below step by step instructions to get easily sent an empty message to any number in your phone.

Step-1) Open the default messaging application and enter the contact of whom you want to send a blank message.

select the contact for blank message

Step-2) Now type a few spaces just by entering the space button and hit the send button to send the message. A blank message will be delivered to the receiver.

entering space and send message

How to send blank message using social media platforms?

Now that is the tricky part of sending a bluff message to someone. Here you need to go through the article thoroughly to learn every possible way and apply them.

Hack 1: Use Unicode Symbols

This method mainly works while you using WhatsApp as a messaging platform. Here we have provided a set of Unicode symbols that WhatsApp does not consider.


Copy these Unicode Symbols and paste on the WhatsApp text box.

copy the Unicode symbol characters in whatsapp

Remove the Arrow (⇨) using backspace and keep that (ຸ) as it is.

remove the arrow and back space

Now you can just enter the send button and see the magic. Now the message has been sent to the person.

enter the send button for empty sms

Hack 2:  Use Blank Characters

Using that method you can send a blank message to anyone through whatever platform you are using. I provide the blank characters below. Your job only just using this character. If you don’t want to go with the complicated ways, than that is the easiest way for you.

BLANK CHARACTERS: ㅤㅤ” (copy the blank text only avoid the quotations)

Copy the blank characters we provided.

copy the blank characters

Paste it in the message text and send the message.

Hack 3: Use dedicated Applications

There are few dedicated applications available over the internet. use them to generate blank messages. Download any blank text creator applications all of them are able to provide you a blank message to send.

Applications you can download: Blank message, Empty text, Empty, Blank Empty Message Generator, etc.

Hack 4: Use blank text from the browser

You can search for blank text from the browser. You will find a few ready to copy blank text there. Copy the text there and send whom you want to prank.

I hope now you know and learn gratefully for how to send blank message. Using these hacks you will be able to surprise your friends.

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