How to See Someone’s Private Facebook

How to See Someone’s Private Facebook

Oh! did you found a private Facebook account of your known one? Are you not in his or her friend list? Is it making you more curious to see what’s inside his wall? If yes, then do you know how to see someone’s private Facebook?


Don’t worry! In this article, we will show you all the possible ways to access any private or public view restricted Facebook.


If we talk about social media applications, then Facebook is the most glorious platform in the world of social media applications. These days Facebook has gathered more than 2.5 billion of total active users throughout the globe. There are many other applications that allow the user to share photos or videos and also provide a text or audio-visual chatting platform. But, Facebook also provides a lot of extra features and user-controlled options which attract the users towards it. One of these plus feature of Facebook is it allows the users to modify the view access as private for every data. In order to share your photos and videos, you can set those as private which will hide those from the strangers. Also, you can hide your details and friend list as well.

Why do you need & important to see someone’s private account?

These private accounts make some users curious to peep inside. Also if you found someone you want to stock at without being in his article then you need to know that tricks. It also helps the parents to track the social media activities of their children to monitor their life going.

Is it really possible to access someone’s private account? If possible, then how to view and access someone’s private Facebook?

Straightforwardly it is possible to access the private profile accounts, though by default Facebook does not allow you to do so. We have found a few best working ways to access private Facebook. To apply these with the one you want just follow any of the easy steps.

#1. Peep in private Facebook applying Facebook loophole

There are Facebook loopholes to give you a wide path to access private FB wall.

Step 1: First up all, you can log in to your Facebook and go to the target person’s Facebook wall who is not allowing you to see his FB wall.

Step 2: Now go to the block or report option and hit the dedicated dialog box

Step 3: Here Facebook will ask you the reason for blocking the person. Choose it as “abuse or hate speech”.

Step 4: Now choose the Abuse Location as ‘Wall’.

Step5: now an option will appear saying ‘Use this link to report items on the profile wall’. By clicking the link you can access the profile.

Use this link to report items on the profile wall option for facebook

#2. View Facebook photos using PictureMate

If you are searching for a third party application or extension to make the process easy for you then PictureMate is the perfect match for you. Now follow the steps to learn how it works.

Step 1: Open the chrome web browser and go to the chrome web store.

chrome web store extensions

Step 2: Search for PictureMate and install the application over the browser.

picture mate extension for chrome web browser

Step 3: This will fetch all the tagged photos from the targeted Facebook account automatically and reflect on your Facebook search just by clicking the PictureMate icon on the right top.

visible picture mate icon on top

#3. Get connected with a fake Facebook account

There is a lot of fake faces on Facebook. This method is nothing but to be one of them. Here all you have to do is, you need to create a Facebook account with fake photos and details. Now send a friend request and wait until he or she accepts it. Once you are one of his friend lists you can see the photos of the user.

The most unethical but working way of that method is creating an account with the name and face of an existing friend of the target person. But that can make you trouble so we will not suggest you to go with that.

#4: Use spy applications

In order to spy someone’s Facebook profile or the phone, there is a lot of applications to assist you. Go with any of them(Spyera, Spyren, fonemonitor, etc). in this step, you need to raise access from the target phone for once.

There were a few simple hacks about how to see someone’s private Facebook. That will help you to peep in any interesting or suspected person’s personal Facebook account.

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