Is Accutane Covered By Insurance?

Is Accutane Covered By Insurance

Accutane is one of the most popular treatments for your acne. Every person gets acne at any time in their life. Accutane is one of the best solutions for any typeface. This treatment works irrespective of the nature and causes of acne. But the cost is high. So the question that arises here is whether is accutane covered by insurance. In this guide, we will try to find the answer to this question. 

Accutane happens in a lot of different steps. But the results are the best. Here is a lot of aftercare that you have to follow. So it is relatively long yet effective. It is suggested by the doctors. But you can get this done without any prescription too. Because Accutane is a very common treatment.

Working On Accutane Procedure

If you have treated your acne for a few years now and none of the medications are working then this treatment is for you. In this process the doctors use isotretinoin. This product works on your sweat glands and blocks the secretion of these glands.

As soon as the sweat glands stop sweating the production of acne on your face automatically decreases. So it is very effective for those vigorous acnes.

Accutane Procedure Cost Without Insurance

If you are having financial troubles then you should not opt for this treatment. Because it is among the most expensive treatment. But it is very effective. And if you are going to do this without insurance then it will damage the whole budget. The full treatment goes for about 5 to 6 months.

This time can increase and decrease according to your condition. The cost of per month treatment is $1300. This amount is not fixed. It will decrease and increase with your treatment severity and the time to complete the treatment.

Insurance Coverage and Accutane Procedure

Accutane is covered under some insurance policies. But it comes with a set of rules. If the patient has followed those rules then the insurance will cover the treatment. All medical-related insurance has accurate coverage. However to confirm this you have to check your insurance policy.

The insurance provider allows the patient to consume some topical medications. Because tropical medication works best on acne. And most of the acne goes away with it. But if the condition persists then you will need a doctor’s authorization for the treatment. By signing a form that mentions all the side effects of this process you can get the claim for the insurance.

But remember the money that you will receive from your claim will be different. Not every insurance policy pays for the full treatment. So make sure that you check your insurance policy and read all the details of the policy. Even the insurance policy mentions the maximum price insurance claim for any treatment. So you can check from here or you can simply contact your insurance provider. 

Common Side Effects Of Accutane Treatment

Here are some common side effects of this procedure. Make sure that you are not pregnant before doing this procedure. Because there are high chance that your baby will abort from the effect of this treatment. Hence a pregnancy test is necessary to start this treatment. Other common side effects of this treatment are:

  • Cracking and peeling of skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Increase thrust
  • Dry nose
  • Headache
  • Inflammation in eyes

Not every patient gets these side effects. So it is not sure that you get these side effects. But there are possibility of getting these side effects after the treatment.

Side Effects Of Leaving the Medication In Between the Treatment

It is advised that once this treatment is started you should not leave it in between. Because the medication can cause severe damage to your body. Hence if you have started the treatment then you should complete it. The common side effects of leaving the treatment in between is change in sexual desires, increased rate of suicides, and mental disturbance not hidden these days.

It can severely affect the reproduction ability of females. And it can cause internal bleeding which will lead to several organ failures with time. Hence you should not leave this medication in between. And in case of any discomfort, you should immediately visit your doctor for advice. 


In conclusion, is accutane covered by insurance? This guide will help you in explaining the different aspects of this treatment. It is safe for acne but comes with a long list of side effects. However, doctors still prescribe this. You can cover this under your insurance as well.

If you follow certain conditions of your insurance provider then you can easily get a claim for this treatment. The process is mentioned here and this guide will help you understand the conditions that the insurance company will cover your Accutane treatment.

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