How Much Does A Crown Cost Without Insurance?

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Dental crowns’ average cost is about $600 to $1200. the cost also depends upon many factors and your choice of selection. with insurance, the cost can reduce up to 60%.

All You Need To Know About Dental Crown Cost

A dental crown is also known as a teeth replacement or dental cap. These come under oral health and dental care. These are used to fill the gap between two natural teeth. There are various things that they use at a dental office like dental caps. This is used only when you need to have teeth removed or to create a bridge between the two teeth. However, the cost of a dental crown is very high. That’s why the insurance companies also take the crown implantation and crown replacement under their policies. Of course, here You will see some significant differences between the cost without insurance as well as with insurance. So here I will discuss how much does a crown cost without insurance.

Types Of Crown

There are many different types of crowns. All those vary in cost. Here, we will see some different types of dental crowns are as follows:

  • Combination of different materials
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

Depending on the type of teeth position, colour, and function the doctor itself chooses the type to use. They may also provide you with one or two options to choose from.

Crown Cost Dependent Factors

It is important to understand that the cost of dental crowns depends on a number of factors. You may choose one of them according to your budget. But a more pricey crown will stay for the long term. You can also discuss with your doctor about your budget and he will suggest some under your budget. The factors are:

  • Material used
  • Clinic
  • Type of crown selected
  • Duration
  • Condition of the prior teeth

Above all plays a major role in deciding the dental crown bill.  Expensive metals like gold stay for a very long time but the instalment fees and making fees are also very high.

How many crowns will cost?

Need To Know How Much Does A Crown Cost Without Insurance?

Talking about only the average cost it will range from $600 to $1200. This is the estimated crown cost without insurance. If you have insurance then you have to pay up to $200 per crown. All these prices are excluding the extra charges like dental x-ray, pre-check-ups, doctor fees, equipment fees, medicines, etc.

These costs might add up to $500 extra to the bill. The crown procedure is very expensive and it requires post-care too. If you are thinking about having the crowns then do some research first. Talk in various clinics, see which hospital comes under your insurance, etc. all these things will help you select a perfect option under your budget.  So choose an insurance plan that can cover most of the hospitals and will give more benefits.

Dental Crown Post-Care

The life of the dental crowns depends upon the post-care. If you do not follow all the instructions of the doctor then you will have to face the after results and this will put an extra burden on your pocket. Of course, It means that you will have to pay extra for this. Some of the aftercare is as follows:

  • Avoid eating till 2 hours after having a dental crown.
  • Do not try to chew very hard and sticky food items.
  • Follow all the basic oral hygiene.
  • Go for regular checkups for up to one month.
  • Replace the dental crowns every 2 years.

Never forget that you have dental crowns this way, you will eat more adequately and take care of your mouth hygiene. If you want to save your money then you should follow all these above-mentioned tips without any exception.

Who Requires A Crown?

You may wonder who should go for the dental crowns. The answer is simple. If you have a  deep dental cavity then you should go for the dental cap or dental implant. To prevent cracked and weekend teeth. To protect the root canal. All these persons become eligible for dental crown treatment. Sometimes to fill the space between the two teeth dental bridges have been used by the doctors. Dental crows are the last option that a doctor goes for because first of all this is an expensive process and it requires both post and pre-care.

What Is A Temporary Crown?

Prior to the placement of the permanent crown, it is necessary to place temporary crowns as well. Doctors use this before the permanent ones. These are very loose and can be easily removed and placed. You can even replace them. These are also used to give patients a little experience with the crowns. Almost all doctors place a temporary cap. This also gives them an idea about how the side tooth and your body will react to that and what will be the suitable height and width for the permanent crowns.

Complications Of Dental Crowns

With all these pros dental crowns also have some cons too. These might not valid for all of you but some of you will face these. The complications also depend upon your health condition. Like if you have high blood sugar then the adapting process will be slow and you might face many complications. Some of the common complications are:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Pain in the neighbour’s teeth
  • Chipped crown

Even doctors can not guarantee all these complications. But with the right advice and medications, all of these can vanish within a few days and weeks. You will get habitual with your new teeth in quite some time.

Doctors take proper precautions to avoid complications. And it is also true that the dental crown has the highest success rate. All these complications will not be seen after one week or two.


In conclusion, dental crowns are mostly used by elderly people and in case of serious injuries. If you have lost your teeth in any injury then you should go for a dental crown. These are very helpful. In today’s world, the demand for these crowns has increased. You were seeing the demand and the cost the insurance companies also give health plans that cover dental expenses too. I will not suggest you go for dental replacement without insurance. With insurance, it is affordable because the cost of dental crows is also very high. All the care and brushes and regular checkups will cost you more.

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