How To Smoke A Cart Without A Battery {DIY}

Feature Image- How To Smoke A Cart Without A Battery {DIY}

Of course, It is not difficult to hit a vape without a battery. Follow this easy DIY step by step and you will be able to use the cart without a battery.

Cartridge Without Battery (How To Smoke A Cart Without A Battery?)

A cart is also known as a cartridge.  These are present inside vape pens and are pre-filled with cannabis oil. When the oil is heated it releases vapors that eventually turn into fumes. To hit your cartridge you will need a battery. An inbuilt battery comes with it but it goes down after some time. So today we will learn how to smoke a cart without a battery. This is an easy DIY. You can do this without any help.

Material Required

Following materials will be required to do this process. All this stuff is easily available at home so you do not have to buy something new. The materials are as follows:

  • Scissor
  • Wire stripper/ knife
  • Android charger
  • Cello tape

All these things will be enough for this easy and quick DIY.

How To Hit A Cart With An Android Charger? – {Step By Step Guide}

If you really wanna use a cart without a battery then pull out your android charger. The risk factor in this method is high but you can give it a try anyway. Follow these steps properly.


Take an android charger and cut the cable from the end. Do not cut more, just 2 to 3cm from the end will be enough. It should still have length to reach the USB point.


After cutting you will see many wires of different colours. It has green, white, black and red colour wires on it. Remove white and green wire. Do not disturb the other two wires. Take those wires completely out from the USB cable.


The next step is to strip the ends of the black and red wires that are connected together. You can use wire strippers to remove the coating from the black and red wire.


You should check your cartridge. There is a small hole on the bottom of the cartridge that is connected to the black wire. Now the red wire should touch the metallic body of the cart. After connecting the wires, connect the charger to the PowerPoint.

You will have to wait for a few minutes as soon as the cart becomes hot it will start releasing vapours and then you can enjoy your vape.

Safety measures

While using a cartridge without a battery, there are high chances of shock. To avoid this you can fix the wire connections with the help of cello tape. Wear rubber slippers, do not touch the wet body part at the wires. All these safety measures are necessary before hitting your cart.

Why vape batteries are best?

If you are in a hurry to use vape then this method will work best. But I will not suggest you use this for the long term. Because it is not safe. You can run to the nearest battery store and buy a vape battery. The cost of vape batteries is not more than $10 however some batteries can cost up to $100 but the life span of both the batteries will be the same. So I will suggest you go with the $10 battery.


In conclusion, you can easily hit/smoke a cart without a battery. Alternatively, you can able to perform this task with the aid of an iPhone charger. The only problem with iPhone chargers is that it has many different wires so might get confused. You can also buy a new android charger but the old and unused ones will work equally best. I have mentioned the risk factors above. The shock that you receive is not very high. If you are using this method then there is a 70% chance that you will receive a shock. Try to take all the precautions and buy a new battery from the nearby store. You can also use a reusable battery.

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