Home Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics

Home insurance claim adjuster secret tactics

Here is the list of all the tactics that insurance adjusters use to negotiate the claim money. First, they will try to decline the claim request and then use all their power to make the low claim. All the tricks to avoid these bad tactics are also mentioned below.

All You Need To Know About Home Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics

The claims process of home insurance is not simple. The insurance companies hire the insurance claims adjuster. These work for the insurance company hence they might look like they are giving you the best advice. But trust is something else. They make you agree on settlement money that is way less than the insurance claims. You end up accepting the offer and fall for their tactics. Studies have shown that the most profit that insurance companies earn is from this insurance settlement, money. They save a lot in this.

If you claim insurance, you should know how to deal with insurance adjusters. For this, you have to learn about the home insurance claim adjuster’s secrets. Here is a brief description of all the home insurance claim adjuster secret tactics.

#1. Deny Your Claim

The company took advantage of the serious situation. If an insurance company is giving the insurance claim for a car accident then they try to deny the reason for the accident was falling under the pre-existing conditions. In this case, your insurance company will not be able to reimburse you for your medical expenses. If you want to pay the insurance company for medical treatment then keep all the medical records including injury and all. Hence injury claims are the hardest to get. But you should stick with your point. And makes sure to collect as much evidence as possible.

#2. Make You Admit Fault

There are only two ways due to which the home insurance claim be denied or reduced. First is when you admit that the damage happens due to any kind of natural disaster. And the second is when you acknowledge that the damage was neglected in the early stage and remains untreated. With the help of these two statements, the insurance company can reduce your claim up to 60%. The insurance adjuster will give your a certain situation where you will feel to admit this. Try not to fall for this trick. Do not answer the unnecessary question or the situation that you’re not aware of. Once you fall for them there will no come back.

If the insurance adjuster tries to make the false circumstances like whether you leave the window open before going out and then deny these immediately. Even if you left that open do not tell the insurance adjuster.

#3. False Deadlines

This is another most common tactic of the insurance adjuster to deny your claim. They will tell you that you filled the claim request when the period is already over. Normal people fall for this because they remain unaware of the claim process. Many of you have not even opened your policy’s hard copy now. So the insurance adjuster took benefit from these things. The only solution for this is to read the whole policy again and fill the claim as soon as possible. All the things are clear mentions in your policy. You can read that and check what is the last date to fill any damage claim. Take the policy hard copy with you and if they try to do this trick on you. Show them the policy.

#4. Unnecessary Document Requirement

People who do not know insurance and all tend to fall for all the tactics of the insurance adjuster. Another very popular tactic is making the demand for unnecessary documents. Few basic documents are required in every insurance policy. They will ask for those documents that you will not have. And in the lack of those, they will deny your insurance claim. Every insurance policy needs different documents. For example, the home insurance policy needs documents related to the home, and the life insurance will need to summer related to medical health. So do some research on what document is required in your case. You can also take some help from another insurance adjuster. Just try to inquire about document lists.

#5. Use Law Firm

You can hire a person from any insurance law group. This lawyer will help you to get your desired amount of the claim. Because all the lawyers remain very well aware of all kinds of tricks that these insurance adjusters made. So the first thing an insurance adjuster will do when you will not fall for his tactics is to convince you not to hire an attorney. Because they know if you will be one then they will have to face the problem and they will become unable to negotiate. So, if you are very confident about your claim then fill a complaint against the insurance company. In 90% of cases, the company ends up paying the exact amount of the claim. However, do not directly go for this step. Take some advice from an attorney before filing a complaint. They will suggest the best possible way of this.

#6. Try To Be On Your Side – Last Tricks Of Home Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics

Have you ever noticed the way an insurance adjuster talks to you? They seem very friendly and they look like they are very concerned for you. But the reality is just the opposite. They receive their monthly payment from the insurance company hence they want to benefit them as well. So even if the insurance adjuster is someone that you know. Do not trust him blindly. Ask him to cross questions about everything. Make them believe that you know about the policy. Keep a straight face. These are some common ways to avoid the tactics of an insurance adjuster.

How To Avoid The Tactics Of The Insurance Adjuster To Get A Fair Claim?

Here are some methods that you can use to get a fair claim. By doing these you can avoid the insurance adjuster’s tactics.

1) In the event that any damage occurs, you should not make any official statements at the time. The insurance adjuster will make you say something that can be used against you. Try to not say such things.

2) Do your homework. Read your policy properly. go through every point.

3) The insurance adjuster will make you delay filling the claim request. If you are sensing this then fill the claim all by yourself to avoid the declining of the claim request.

4) Hire an attorney if the insurance adjuster is giving you not enough claims.

5) Avoid old medical bills and treatments. Because these things can easily be used against you.


In conclusion, insurance adjusters use all their power to neglect the original claim money. You must find these tricks and not fall for them. Even if the insurance adjuster is someone that you know. He will not take your side. So believe in yourself and in extreme situations seek help from an attorney. Because the attorney can get you your desired claim amount.

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