Certificate Of Insurance For Contractors

Certificate Of Insurance For Contractors

The certificate of insurance is a type of contract. When you finalize an insurance policy with your broker they give you a physical copy of that insurance policy. The physical copy is the proof of the contract between you the broker and the insurance company. Here is more information about the certificate of insurance for contractors.

We will learn about different aspects and the importance of this certificate. Having this is important even if you are going to fill out an insurance claim for any of your insurance policies. It contains some important information. Here is more on the topic of the certificate of insurance.

Importance Of Certificate Of Insurance

There are many benefits of using the certificate of insurance. If you want to buy a car then you should have a certificate of insane. And when you purchase a car you have to show that proof to the seller. Because it is illegal to drive on roads without insurance.

If your plumber has left the work that causes huge trouble for you. Then you have to show the insurance for the property to get a claim for the damage. if you do not have the proof then you can not get anything from the insurance companies.

There are a lot of things that require insurance to purchase. So you must buy an insurance policy and keep that policy with you as proof. For future reference. 

Details On the Certificate Of Insurance

The certificate of insurance holds certain details. The details are very crucial and different for every person. If you have a customized policy then your certificate of insurance will have different details than a generalized insurance policy.

The details that a certificate of insurance contains are the name of the policyholder, the address, and the email address of that person. The insurance company and the details of the insurance broker are also mentioned in the policy.

You can check that certificate to acquire any basic information on any topic of your policy. All these details specify the person who has purchased the insurance policy. When you fill out the claim for the insurance policy you have to attach a copy of your certificate of insurance. 

How long to keep the COI?

You can keep this certificate for as long as you want. But the main period is from when the insurance policy starts till the last date of claiming the insurance. You never know when you will require the insurance policy. So it is advised to keep the certificate of insurance safe at least till this time.

If you own a business try to keep these documents till you’re running your business. Because businesses are more complicated than the normal policies. It is important to keep all documents of your business safe. You never know when you will require those documents. So this is the Certificate of insurance for contractors keeping time.

The Main Difference Between A Certificate Of Insurance and An Insurance Policy

There is a difference between the insurance policy and the certificate of insurance. When you finalize one insurance policy you receive these two documents. The insurance policy is the detailed version of your insurance. If you need any specific details from your policy then you will look into the insurance policy.

It is lengthy and has more ages than the certificate of insurance. On the other hand, a certificate of insurance is just one page long and contains only the specific details about the policy and the owner of the policy. So these are the basic main differences.

When you are filling out the claims you do not need to take the whole insurance policy with you. If you have the certificate of insurance then you are good to go. And in any place where you will be submitting the insurance policy proof, you will always give out that certificate, not the whole policy. 


In conclusion, here is everything about the certificate of insurance for contractors. It is a very important document for the policyholders.  This document signifies that you are the owner of this insurance policy. And if you want to show the proof of that policy then you have to submit this document as well.

The details on this certificate are minimal yet important. The insurance policy is like a small book that contains every terms and conditions of your policy. And took that out then you need to see some specific claiming process.

This guide will help you learn more about the certificate of insurance. The importance of these documents and when you should keep them. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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