Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips {6 Advice}

6 water damage insurance claim tips

Water damage claims are covered under home insurance only. However, not all types of water damages are covered under the insurance. Here are the tips to get high compensation for the water damage claim.

6 tips to get a water damage insurance claim

Water damage claims are the second most claimed insurance. The homeowner’s insurance covers water damages. But if the water damage happened due to the flood then you have to go for flood insurance. However, there are many cases in which the water leaks into the house through broken pipes. Of course, Water damage is classified into many types. And only certain types of water damage are covered by some home insurance policies. For the rest, you have to buy another insurance that is especially for the water damage.

Common water damage insurance claim covered under homeowners insurance

Some of the most common reasons for the water damage claim are here. These claims are easily covered under your home insurance policy. The water damage restoration process is quite hard, that’s why people want financial support for this. The reasons are as follows:

  • Water accumulation due to wind and hail damage
  • Flooding
  • Ice melting
  • Roof leaking
  • Sewer clogging
  • Sewer leakage
  • Standing water from the rain

All these damages to your home are covered under the insurance policy. Water-damaged areas need to get fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise the water starts to create mold. And the mold restoration charges are almost double the water restoration. Also, mold restoration is not covered under any of the insurance policies.

Water damage insurance claim tips

Gere are some effective tips that you can use while claiming the insurance for the water damage. These will help you to get the maximum compensation for the water damage.

#1. Document the damage

Document the list of water damage

A home insurance claim needs proof and a water damage claim comes under the home insurance claim. Hence you will need to document every single thing in photos and videos. As soon as you fill out the claim document everything that you can. It will also help you after the restoration process.

The more you will film and shoe the damage the more compensation you will get. The insurance company sends its people to investigate the damage. You can show that to them. Try to show the affected area clearly.

#2. Contact the insurance adjuster

Your insurance adjuster is like a hope of ray for you. It is better if you have a known person as your insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster from the insurance company will be sent to your residence to investigate what has happened. He will try his best to negotiate the compensation amount. But you have to show them all the documents. And do not agree with the first price, If the water damage is done by a third party.

For example, if a plumber did not do his work properly and due to the broken pipe the water filled in your house. Then the insurance company will go after the plumber and ask for the compensation. However, this duty will do by your insurance company, and you do not have to worry about anything.

#3. Drain the water

Drain the water

After taking valid proof try to drain the water from the spot. The more water you will drain the less damage will happen. Still, you will receive the compensation amount according to the standing water. So there will be no point in keeping the water until the insurance adjuster comes to check. You can call a professional to drain the excess water.

#4. Show as much as damage possible

Without the videos and photos keep all the broken and damaged items with you. This will show that the damage is serious and require more compensation. If you are still not happy with the final compensation amount then you can refill the claim application. Then another insurance adjuster will come to check. The chances of getting high compensation increase in the reclaim process.

#5. Prepared for the non-renewing

When you do a high water damage claim then there is a chance that your insurance company will not let you renew your insurance. You can ask a professional about the water damage. He will tell you the estimated cost for the damage and according to that, you can negotiate the price.

Still, if the company feels that it was not a worthwhile deal then they can cancel your insurance policy. This will be done as a punishment. However, you will not be banned from buying any further insurance policy. So after that, you can look for another company’s insurance policy.

#6. Seek legal help

Seek legal water damage help

If your company is not winning the water damage insurance claim then you can file a complaint against the insurance company and the insurance adjuster.  You will need to hire a personal attorney for this and they will make sure that you get the desired amount for your damage. Because water damage is very costly and on a basic salary you cannot afford that. The more you wait the more will damage. So this damage needs to repair or replaced as soon as possible.


In conclusion, getting a water damage claim is easy only if you have the right type of damage. There are many types of water damage. And not everyone is covered under the insurance policy. So read your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully and fill the claim according to the given terms and conditions.

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