Which type of life insurance policy generates immediate cash value?

Which type of life insurance policy generates immediate cash value

Cash value is an important factor in any life insurance policy. Term life insurance is the only policy that does not generate any cash value. all other policies generate cash value. Here is everything you need to know about these policies

Life insurance that generates immediate cash value

Cash value


A life insurance policy generates two types of benefits. One is for the death benefits that are only for the beneficiary after your death and another one is for you. If you use your benefit while being alive then after your death your beneficiary will not receive any money. This is how a life insurance company works. Cash value changes the scenario of the whole policy. But the question is which type of life insurance policy generates immediate cash value?

Here we will try to find out more about the cash value component in a life insurance policy.

What is cash value life insurance?

Your premium payments are sent in two ways. One for the cash value and the other for the death benefits. The death benefits will grow and it is the amount you’re left for your loved ones. While the cash value is something that you can access for yourself. You can use the cash for your medical bills and all. The death benefits are always tax-free.

Policies that do not generate cash value

Of course, The only kind of life insurance policy that does not generate a cash value is term life insurance. As a matter of fact, All other types of insurance policies have cash value. The rules of the policy are different for the term life insurance. Hence because of the different working criteria, it does not allow to generate immediate cash value.

Why cash value is important in an insurance policy?

A policyholder can withdraw the cash anytime from insurance policies with cash value. The reason for the withdrawal could be anything. Some of them are as follows:

  • The holder wants to cash surrender the policy. The surrender charges will be sent to the policyholder.
  • When there is an emergency medical situation.
  • Retirements benefits.
  • For family and friends in need.

In all the above cases you can generate an immediate cash value. Due to all these benefits, people like to make permanent life insurance policies. Because they work in almost every aspect of life.

Policies that generate the cash value

Except for term life insurance, all type of life insurance policy generates immediate cash value. Policies that generate immediate withdrawing cash values are as follows:

  • Universal life insurance
  • Variable universal life insurance
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance policies
  • Indexed universal life insurance

Let’s know about them in detail.

Universal life insurance

In terms of flexibility, this is the most flexible of all life insurance policies. It allows you to adjust the premium payment amount. If you can afford the premium amount then you can increase the period and reduce the amount value. This works in two modes: the first is variable life insurance and the second is indexed universal life insurance. Both of these build cash value. You do not have to worry about the working of these components.

Guaranteed issue of life insurance

If you are looking for some high-value generating policy then this is not for you. It is the minimum amount policy. If you die within 2 to 3 years after purchasing this policy then your family will not receive the full amount of the coverage. They will receive a small portion only because of the unfulfilled premiums. Hence it is good for those who are taking a life insurance policy for the long term. Also, it generates a very small coverage amount like $30000. It is good if you have only a family of one person.

Disadvantages of the cash value-generating policies

Along with all these benefits. This life insurance has some disadvantages too. The list of some common disadvantages is as follows:

  • If you are planning to surrender the policy before maturing then you have to pay extra money as a fine.
  • Permanent life insurance is expensive. If you look at the other policy prices then you will see the difference. In the case of permanent life insurance, the policy is for a very long period of time. Hence their premium and cash value both are high.
  • Policies like universal life insurance have a risk factor. You can go in loss too. And there is no guarantee that you will receive the mentioned coverage cash value in this policy.

Every policy has some pros and some cons too. It depends upon you how you see the disadvantages. You have to take risks if you want some good cash value from your insurance company.


In conclusion, cash value is an important factor in any life insurance policy. The quality of the policy depends on the cash value. Hence if you just look at the cash value of any policy then you will know which is good. However, there is always confusion among people about which life insurance generates immediate cash value. Every policy that does so is mentioned here.

Remember, if you have a policy with a high cash value, then also the premiums will be highly expensive. You have to select the policy according to you. Compare before finalizing one policy. Hope you will find this article helpful.

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