6 Solutions When Car Not Fixed Properly After Insurance Claim

6 Solutions When Car Not Fixed Properly After Insurance Claim

Not being satisfied with the car repair work after the insurance claim is very common. You can fill a reclaim. But here are a few tips that will help you to do your work in the first place.

What to do when the car is not fixed properly after an insurance claim?

Car accidents can injure your very car seriously. It becomes an extra headache to fix properly the damage. Although the insurance company pays the coverage for the damaged cars still need to go to the repair shop to fix the damaged parts.

The insurance company needs certain criteria to fulfil before releasing insurance coverage. Getting a claim for a damaged car is the easiest claim you can get without much tension. what can do when the car is not fixed properly after an insurance claim. There are certain things that you can do. First of all, you have to keep an eye on the auto repair shop’s mechanic. Make sure they fix it properly in the first place.

#1. Keep visual record

Keep visual record

You should have some record of the pre-loss and after-repair pics or videos. These will help you in your further research. If you will have the records then it will become easy for you to file a complaint against the mechanic. It will also help in filling the claim request. If you are buying an old vehicle that has some dents and scratches on it. Then having a prof of the pre-injury become necessary. The auto insurance policy needs this type of proof. Otherwise, your reclaim coverage request will be denied instantly.

#2. Take a self-inspection

As soon as you arrive at the auto body shop inspect your car thoroughly. If it has any part unrepaired then tell them immediately. This way you will save all the work that is required to do in filling the reclaim. Make sure you check all the problematic areas of the car. Look for any new damage too. There is the possibility that the mechanic has made some scratches all over the car’s body.  You can take a friend who has knowledge about cars with you to do the inspection. Different body repairs need inspection at the body shop before taking the car with you.

#3. File a complaint when your car is not fixed properly

File comlaint when car is not fix properly

If you think that the car damage is not fixed properly after the insurance claim then you can file a complaint against the repair shop. By doing this you will reduce the burden of refilling the auto insurance claim.  However, after receiving your company a team will come for the inspection. If they will approve that the complaint is right then the repair shop owner has to fix your car properly.

If your car’s damaged parts are properly repaired then you have to pay a fine for that complaint. So, you can choose wisely.

#4. Request a post-repair inspection

If you do not know the cars then you can ask for a post-repair inspection. The auto body shop will do the post-inspection free of cost. And if they will say that the car requires further repair then you can fill the reclaim. Otherwise, you can also go to a third-party auto shop. They will check the car on behalf of you and will tell you the damaged and defective areas. However, if you got a third-party repair shop then you have to pay some money to post inspect your car.

The same thing will do by the insurance company. One insurance agent will come to inspect the demanded car. Only then you will receive the claim money. Also if you will fill for the reclaim then another agent will come to inspect. Hence the inspection process is necessary for both the cases.

#5. Listen to the car sound

Listen to the car sound

There are chances that your repair shop owner changes the internal car parts with the old ones. Here is only one way to find this out. You will have to listen to the car sound. If the parts have been changed then your car will make some unusual sounds. In that case, you should go to a third-party auto body shop. You can also call the manager after hearing an unusual sound. So you need to act for this work.

#6. Talk with your insurance adjuster

If all the above methods fail. And they are not providing any post-inspection so you have to go to your insurance adjuster. He is the only person that can help you in that situation. Make sure you explain everything properly.

If you will ask them before the repair then they can also suggest to you some good auto body shops. So you don’t need to tell them the whole situation at very last. Let them be aware through the whole process.

The insurance adjuster will help you refill the claim. And they will also help you to get the claim money. So choose a trusted insurance adjuster.


Non-satisfaction with the car repair work after insurance claims is a very common problem. If you will not pay attention then this can happen to you too. Although you can get a reclaim this process is very long for that. So everyone wants to avoid this situation. Here are some effective tips and tricks. With these, you can repair your car in one go.

If you have a good insurance adjuster then you can get the reclaim without any problem. So that’s why it is very important to choose the insurance adjuster after inspection. So, always compare before choosing an insurance policy and an insurance adjuster. negotiate the least benefit providing offers and go with the less premium and more benefits. hope you will find this article helpful.

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