How To Scare Insurance Adjuster {7 Best Tips}

How To Scare Insurance Adjuster - 7 best tips

Scaring an insurance adjuster is easy all you need to do is follow the right steps. Some effective tricks are mentioned below. by following these you can get the maximum compensation from your insurance company.

To learn tips for scaring insurance adjusters

Suppose you want to get the high compensation you deserve from your insurance company. Then you should know the trick of how to scare insurance adjuster. Insurance company hire their adjuster to make the compensation as low as possible. So even if they are talking very friendly to you just don’t trust them because they are supporting their company. Their company pays them for this.

If you want a high claim and compensation for any car accident damage then you have to scare your insurance adjuster only then you will be able to get the claim. Otherwise, they will neglect your claim. First, they will try to talk in a friendly manner. Then he will do a conversation with you. He will try to reduce the compensation charges with his conversation skills. So you have to remain focused.

#1. Contact a personal injury attorney

Contact your personal injury attorney

We are common people and we deny know much about legal procedures and all. It is always a good choice to take legal advice. Their attorney is made for this purpose only. Hiring an attorney is a plus point. They are very well known for their tricks and all the law firms. And above all, they deal with the insurable adjusters every day.

Hence insurance adjusters are scared by the name of a personal attorney. Of course, It is essential that you have the best injury lawyer on your side to ensure that you will receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

#2. Review the settlement

Silence is the best weapon. And none of the things can compare with this. Just listen to the insurance adjuster and do not say settlement. He will think that you have knowledge about all this and eventually when you will ask for high compensation he will say yes. Being unresponsive to the insurance adjuster’s conversation is a big scaring sign for them.

Do not agree with everything that the insurance adjuster will tell you. If you will agree with them in just one conversation you’ll receive a very small amount of the claim. You will have no idea how much you will get if you negotiated the adjuster in the first place. Remember the first offer is never final.

#3. Complete your documents


If you want to get the highest compensation then be prepared with all the documents. Do not leave a single document. For example, if you are filing a claim for medical insurance then keep all your medical records including hospital bill receipt, medical bills, and doctor visit appointment list. In case of property, damages keep all the house documents. If possible arrange the before and after pictures of the house. This will show the intensity of the damage.

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#4. Recorder statements

There are chances that your insurance adjuster will decline the pre-existing conditions. To avoid that keep a recorded statement of the insurance adjuster with you. You can ask them for this otherwise just record the conversation without telling him. You can use that record in any legal case against the insurance adjuster. And this is the thing that insurance adjusters are most scared of. So try to understand this and play your card wisely. Do not let them know that you are recording him. A voice recording will be enough. You don’t need to have video proof with you.

#5. Insurance demand letter

It is the letter that you submit directly to the insurance company office. This letter states your desirable compensation amount. But you have to submit valid proof for the high compensation. For this, you have to show the high damage either to the vehicle or to the property. You can ask your injury attorney for help. He will write that letter fro you. And since they have more knowledge about this topic they will write the letter more effectively. By sending the letter you will completely remove the insurance adjuster between you and the company. Hence the chances of getting the desired amount increase.

#6. File a claim

The best thing that you can do to scare your insurance adjuster is to fill the claim before them. Remember the more you will wait the less will the compensation money. Insurance adjusters do this willingly so that the compensation money reduce. Hence do not wait for a single day and fill the claim as soon as possible. Try to fill that out within 24 hours of the accident.

#7. File a complaint against an insurance adjuster

File complaint against insurance adjuster

You can directly fill the claim against him to the insurance company. The company will take action against him. But you have to be specific with the allegations. So try to fill the complaint in an easy and understandable language. This will help you to get the desired compensation and your insurance adjuster will scare you. Sometimes the adjuster asks for more compensation from the company but they never give you the money. Hence in such situations, the insurance company takes action against him.


In conclusion, scaring your insurance adjuster is an easy task. All you need to do is read the settlement letter carefully. When you will read that twice you will understand the language and what exactly they are trying to say. You can also take help from a legal adviser about this. Insurance claims are very important in the high damages. Hence you must get the maximum amount the compensation. The above tricks will help you to reach your goal. Follow these without skipping any. Hope this will help you.

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