Is Dental Bonding Covered By insurance?

Is Dental Bonding Covered By insurance

As a matter of fact, Dental treatments are very costly procedures. Because the material used in these procedures are very costly. Hence it automatically increases the cost of the whole procedure. Dental bonding is one such procedure. It is used to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. But the question that arises here is is dental bonding covered by insurance. But dental insurance does not cover every dental bonding. 

There are a few cases where dental bonding is paid for by insurance companies. We will discuss what cases are eligible for filling the claim for dental bonding. And do you need special dental insurance or not?

Dental bonding cost

There will be a huge price difference between paying for dental bonds with insurance and without insurance. If you talk about the price of dental bonding then it is $100-300 per tooth. The price depends on your condition on what you’re looking for in your teeth.

However, if the insurance is covering the dental bonding then you only have to pay for the pre-bonding checkups and the doctor’s visit. The main procedure fee will be deducted and you will be able to save hundreds of dollars in your dental bonding procedure. 

Coverage for Dental Bonding

Whether dental bonding is covered by insurance depends on several factors, including the insurance provider, the specific insurance plan, and the purpose of the procedure. In most cases, dental bonding is considered a cosmetic procedure, aimed at enhancing the appearance of teeth rather than addressing a critical dental health concern. As a result, dental insurance may not provide comprehensive coverage for bonding.

However, there are exceptions. If the dental bonding procedure serves a dual purpose of both aesthetics and dental health improvement, insurance coverage might be more likely. For instance, if a chipped tooth poses a risk of further damage or affects oral functionality, insurance may consider covering a portion of the bonding procedure. It’s important to note that insurance plans often have limitations on the number of cosmetic procedures they will cover within a given time frame.

Pre-authorization and Documentation

For those considering dental bonding and seeking insurance coverage, a key step is obtaining pre-authorization. This involves submitting a treatment plan to the insurance company for review before undergoing the procedure. The insurance company will assess the necessity of the treatment and determine the extent of coverage.

It is important to provide high documents at the right time for the procedure. it is advised to fill the claim at least one month before the surgery. you will have time to arrange all documents. 

Taking a dental insurance

There is a thing to remember that not all health insurance covers dental bonding. So if you have a serious dental problem then you can buy dental insurance in advance. Because mo of health insurance does not include any disease related to teeth. If you have health insurance then you can check its terms and conditions.

The names of the diseases covered under insurance are properly on in the insurance policy. You can also contact your insurance agent to ask if dental care is in your insurance or not. However, every dental insurance covers dental bonding. So if you want your insurance to pay for the dental bonding then make sure that you buy dental insurance in advance. 

Advantages of using dental bonding

Dental bonding can be helpful in many ways. Here are some of the advantages of having dental bonding in your teeth. 

  1. It helps in leaving the teeth’ enamel more intact. When the enamel becomes lost you face severe toothache and difficulty in chewing.
  2. The material used in dental bonding is long-lasting. So it will remain intact for 4-5 years.
  3. If you are conscious about your teeth’ color or due to the visibility of dental binding. Then you can customize these to the color of your natural teeth. Then it will not be visible in your mouth.
  4. These help in making your smile perfect.
  5. Healthy teeth help in boosting your confidence.

Hence all these are the benefits of getting dental braces. These braces are not hard to get. If you are paying with the help of insurance then it will not cost much. but you have to give the pre-check-up cost. Which also concludes the doctor’s visit and the medicines cost.


In conclusion, here is dental bonding covered by insurance. If you are getting the dental bonding for medical purposes then your insurance will cover this for you. But if you are doing this for cosmetic purposes then you have to pay the amount all by yourself. Dental insurance will not cover cosmetic procedures.

Dental bonding can help you treat many medical conditions. and the cost of dental bonding is very high as well. It is because the cost includes the raw material cost as well. Hence the procedure is less costly but the material increases the cost very much.

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