How To Get Ketamine Infusions Covered By Insurance?

How To Get Ketamine Infusions Covered By Insurance

Do you want to cover ketamine treatment under your insurance? You have to go through a series of events and require a lot of documents for this purpose. Here is how to get ketamine infusions covered by insurance.

Ketamine infusion therapy is not cheap. You have to go through various sessions as each session cost hundreds of dollars. So most people want to cover this under their insurance policy.

Here are the tips that you can use to get insurance coverage for ketamine. If you are looking for the answer to the same problem then you are at the right place. 

What Are Ketamine Infusions?

Ketamine therapy is helpful in the treatment of mental illness. It uses for post-traumatic stress, abnormal behavior, and all. In the beginning, ketamine uses as an anesthetic drug during surgical procedures. But later the research showed its benefit in mental illness.

Since then this is used in all those procedures. However, not everyone can afford this treatment. Because it is very expensive and only limited hospitals have this treatment.

A trained doctor is required to perform the procedure. That’s why it is not within the reach of every person. But it works well and many patients have been cured with this treatment lately. 

Tips To Cover Ketamine Insurance Under Your Insurance

You have to write an insurance appeal for ketamine insurance. For this, you need to understand a lot of different things. All those things are here. So make sure that read about all these things prior. 

Documents Work

Your doctor has to write a proper note about your health condition. All your hospital treatment documents will require. These documents will help the insurance company to understand that you are not faking your disease.

Make sure that you visit a doctor who has helped patients in getting their insurance approved priorly. Because he can guide you well and your work will complete in no time. 

Read The Policy

There are not many insurance policies that cover ketamine treatment. But there is a chance that your insurance policy can cover these. So it is always necessary to read the insurance policy.

You can understand the type of coverage your policy is giving you. All the diseases that cover by the policy are present in the insurance policy properly. So read it before doing anything. 

Be Ready

The process of getting insurance coverage for this treatment can be lengthy and tiring. You have to keep patience and make sure that you visit your insurance agent (broker) regularly.

If not try to contact them every other day. Because you can do this work done with the help of an insurance agent only. Keep an extra copy of your documents with you when you visit the insurance agent. Do not submit the original documents because this document will help you further.

Hire An Insurance Provider

You have to hire an insurance provider for this process. Make sure that the insurance agent has experience in the matters like this before. If not then try to meet a trustworthy insurance agent. Because the process is lengthy and they may start avoiding you after some time. 

Cost Of Ketamine Treatment

The cost of this ketamine treatment depends on many factors. Like the doctor you choose and the hospital. If you chose a big hospital then there are other extra expenses too these add to the final bill.

Talking about the average cost for the ketamine treatment, $400 per session is the cost. The doctor decides the number of sessions for you. And the sessions depend on the condition of the patient. This amount can be more or less according to the above factors. 


Here is how to get ketamine infusions covered by the insurance policy. You have to get ready with your documents first. If you are doing this for the first time then you have to take help from the insurance provider for the documents. Try to arrange all documents and follow the above steps.

This will serve as a complete guide for you to merge the ketamine in your insurance policy. The process can take a lot of time. with patience and the right information, you will do this. Hope you all will find out how to get ketamine infusions covered by insurance and this is helpful for you.

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