Pet Insurance That Covers Vaccines

Pet Insurance That Covers Vaccines

Here, we will discuss pet insurance that covers vaccines. Traditional pet insurance does not cover pet vaccination. however, the vaccination process alone can cost hundreds of dollars. a wellness plan is the insurance plan that covers only the vaccination program of your pet. read the full article to know more about the wellness plan.

Pet insurance and the vaccine coverage

Pet owners know the struggle of getting vaccine shots for their dogs and cats. It is not a one-time process but it goes throughout the life of a pet. To increase the strength of the immune system and to save the pet from many harmful diseases vaccines are important. Hence getting a vaccine does to your pet comes under routine care. You have to give your pet different vaccine shots for different diseases. Hence it costs you way more than you thought.

Keeping this in mind there is pet insurance that covers all the vaccine shots. Today we will learn about some pet insurance that covers vaccines.

Does traditional pet insurance cover vaccine shot?

Your traditional pet insurance will not cover the vaccination of your pet. They only cover the cost of the accident and illness and the routine checkups and for any serious disease only. Also, the facility will be limited to a few hospitals only. You have to read the insurance policy to check which hospital is supported by your pet insurance companies. These pet insurance plans are very cheap you can easily afford them. But they will not cover any of the vaccination shots for your pet.

Which pet insurance will cover the vaccination?

If you want your insurance to cover the vaccination of your pet then you have to purchase a pet wellness plan. These pet wellness plans cover these vaccine shots for you. The insurance plan does cover some vaccines, but not all of them. Take a moment to remember that. Hence no insurance will pay for the full vaccination program. This wellness plan covers only vaccines for the pet. Other than this it will not cover anything. So you have to buy two insurance policies if you want to cover for the injury and the vaccination both.

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Annual pet vaccination cost

The vaccine cost depends on many factors like pet age, weight, size, and breed. Hence every pet has a different coat for the vaccination. The cat will have to get different types of vaccines while the dogs require different types of vaccination shots. Some core vaccines are necessary while you can also skip some of them. It depends on how heartworm prevention you want to give to your pet.

However the average cost for some of the vaccines re around $180 to $270. It also depends upon which insurance company vaccine you select. Hence the cost of the vaccine is not fixed it comes with other veterinary bills too. Like doctors fee and all.

Necessary vaccines for your pet

As mentioned above there are some vaccine shots that are common for all pets and you can not miss them. Here is the list of that vaccine and its uses.

  • Rabies- This vaccine is necessary for pets. The first shot is given around 16 weeks. However, the booster shot of this vaccine is required for 3 years. Before giving this vaccine your pet doctor will take the blood maple of your dog and after checking that they will give the vaccine to him.
  • DHLPP- This vaccine shot covers 5 vaccines for 5 different diseases. The waiting period between each shot is around 3 to 3.5 weeks. You have to give a total of 3 shots of this vaccine to your dog. Remember that you can not skip this vaccine after one shot. Otherwise, your pet will face complications.
  • Influenza- There is 2 most common type of flu that can happen to your pet. This vaccine is prevention against those both. Hence it is also very necessary.
  • Lyme- If your pet plays a lot outside then this vaccine will a must for him. Because it prevents the dogs and other pets from the diseases that can happen from the outside viruses. This vaccine has 2 shots in total. But you have to give a booster shot every year.

 The vaccine that will cover under the wellness plan

The list of vaccines that will cover under the wellness program is as follows:

  • Rabies
  • DHHP
  • Lyme
  • Bordetella

All these vaccines are cover under the wellness program. But it depends from insurance company to company. They may add some more vaccines to that. However, the above-mentioned vaccines will remain the same.


In conclusion, many insurance groups cover pet insurance plans. The traditional will cover general diseases like kennel cough, hip dysplasia, etc. But the vaccine program will cover the wellness program only. The insurance plan price can vary. So, you have to compare before finalizing one plan. In some plans, you will get more benefits and in some, you will revive less. so that completely depends on your need.

Here is all about the pet insurance that covers the vaccines. Your insurance agent will be able to let you know what vaccines are covered by your policy if you want to find out. Because this will help you to select correctly the insurance plan.

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