How to Remove Stickers From a TikTok Video

How to Remove Stickers From a TikTok Video

There isn’t any foolproof method to remove stickers from TikTok videos, However, you can use an editing method to remove or hide stickers from a TikTok video. Editing methods such as Trimming the sticker part in the video, zooming out frames to crop out stickers, or adding a shape to the stickers.

The only tool which can help you with this is video background remover tools, for example,, or Adobe Cloak tool, it is an advanced tool that can remove stickers from Videos, however, this is paid software.

Read the article to know how to remove or hide stickers from a TikTok video using a free tool – Canva. After that, we will also mention some apps and tools to remove stickers from a TikTok video.

Let’s begin…

How to Remove Stickers from a TikTok video – Tutorial

As there isn’t any option to directly remove stickers from a TikTok video, however, we can trim the video, add a shape, zoom out the frame or blue the sticker as well.

In this tutorial, we will use Canva an online tool to remove stickers from our TikTok video. If you are using a Laptop or PC, you can simply go to, and if you are using a mobile phone you can download the Canva app.

You can download the app from the above links, and now let’s begin the tutorial.

Steps to remove stickers from TikTok video

Step 1 – Launch Canva & Set Dimensions

Canva Homepage

The first step is to open the Canva app or go to and there tap on Video. Then, select the height and width of your video, mainly TikTok videos dimensions are – 1080 x 1920. To get these dimensions, you can select a Mobile Video template.

Step 2 – Upload the appropriate Files 

Canva Upload files

Now, once you have selected the Mobile Video template > tap on Upload, then Upload files. Then, select the video files you want to edit.

Once you have selected the video files, they will appear in the Upload tab in the videos section. Now, just tap on them and they will appear on the blank page, where you can edit the video.

Step 3 – Trim the sticker & Split the sticker part

Canva added video on blank page

After you have successfully added the video on a blank page, you have various options to remove stickers from your TikTok video. You can trim the sticker part of the video, or cover the sticker with any other shape.

If the sticker is on border areas you can zoom out the video as well. Here are the steps to do so.

Trim the sticker – Tap on the video > And then Tap on the scissor icon (Trim icon) > Now move the blue bars to decide the ending and start of the video.

Canva Scissor Icon - Remove Stickers From a TikTok Video

Split the Sticker part – If you cannot trim the sticker part, you can cut out that part from the video as well.

Split a video - remove stickers from a tiktok video

Firstly tap on the video player and then select the time of video which you want to split. Now, right-click on the time of the video > Select Split Pages. The section of the video will be separated, now again split the clip and separate the section of your video.

You can Right-click on the section and then tap on the Delete page.

1) Crop the video – Tap on the video > Select Crop > Zoom out the video > tap on Done.

2) Add Shapes over Stickers – Tap on the Elements tab > Search for Shapes > Now add the Stickers to the video > You can select the timing of showing for Shape > Just right-click on Shape and select Show timing. 

Canva elements - Remove stickers from tiktok video

Now we will see more such tools on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows, etc to know how to remove stickers from videos.

Other Tools to Remove Stickers from a TikTok video

Other than Canva there are other tools also, which can help you to remove stickers from a TikTok video. These are the tools that are mostly available in Android, iOS, and on your PC.

Tools to remove stickers from a TikTok app. 

  • iMovie – iPhone & Mac (iOS)
  • KineMaster – Android | iOS
  • – Online Tool – iOS
  • Trim & Crop Video Editor – Android
  • Adobe Cloak – Windows & Mac

#1. iMovie

iMovie is a pre-installed application in newer iPhones, and for older iPhones, you have to install it from App Store. iMovie is a video editing app, which has some basic video editing features, you can trim out the sticker part of TikTok video from your iPhone using iMovie.

You can also add shapes to that sticker part.

  • Available for iOS devices only
  • Don’t have a watermark
  • Free app
  • Do some basic video editing work

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#2. KineMaster

KineMaster is a video editing app, available for both Android and iPhone, the app can help you remove stickers from your TikTok video. Then you can just download and install the app, and sign up from your account. Add your video, trim it, crop, or remove the sticker part.

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • It has Watermark
  • Free app
  • Best free app for video editing

#3. is an online video editing tool, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobiles.

All you have to do is go to on your browser or search for it on Google. Sign up with your email address, and then tap on Upload, here you can upload your video files and then edit as per your need.

  • Online Tool
  • The free plan has Watermark
  • Free tool
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile Devices

#4. Trim & Crop Video Editor

As a matter of fact, Trim & Crop video editor is free video editing available to Android users. The app is good for doing basic video editing work, also it doesn’t have a watermark. One can download this app from the Google play store for free, make your account, add your video and trim down unwanted parts.

  1. Available for Android
  2. No Watermark
  3. Free app
  4. Good for doing basic video editing

#5. Adobe Cloak

Of course, Adobe Cloak is one of the video editing tools that are highly available for both Mac and Windows versions. Using this tool, you can easily remove unwanted emojis and stickers from your video, which will make your video look much more professional.

Firstly, you have to install Adobe Cloak on your device and signup with your email address. Then upload your video here, and start editing. Select the Pen tool and circle the sticker part. Then select mask properties > tap on Subtract. 

Then choose the ‘Animate the mask’ option to cover the sticker area. Now, go to Generate fill layer by selecting Content aware.

  1. Available for Windows and Mac.
  2. No watermark
  3. Paid app
  4. An advanced video editing tool


To remove stickers from TikTok videos, you have four options. To remove the sticker from your TikTok video there are a few options like Trimming the video, Zooming out, or adding shapes over the sticker. We have also mentioned the Adobe Cloak tool.

Adobe Cloak is a tool that can help you remove stickers from TikTok videos, just by selecting the sticker. Its content-aware feature can help you in removing stickers or unwanted objects or emojis in a video. However, Adobe Cloak is a computer app and a paid app.

We hope you find this article helpful, thanks for reading…

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