How to Send a Gift Card on Facebook (Easy Method)

How to Send a Gift Card on Facebook

There are billions of people around the globe who use Facebook for communication. We wish for birthdays, anniversaries, etc on Facebook. It would be great if we could give a gift card with our wishes, and yes we can, Facebook has this feature. Here is a tutorial on how to send a gift card on Facebook by following the steps in the article.

In fact, you can even buy gift cards on Facebook and send them via Messenger. Which is a convenient way to send e-gift cards to friends. Moreover, you can also send Amazon and other e-commerce gift cards via Facebook Messenger.

But first, let’s see how we can buy a gift card on Facebook. 

How to Buy a Gift Card on Facebook?

If you have a gift card, which you want to send, then you can skip this section. Here you will know how to buy a gift card on Facebook. Yes, you can buy gift cards from the Facebook marketplace and send them to your friends.

Please Note –

Facebook Marketplace limits certain features to certain countries, and this buying gift card feature might not be available to your country. In that situation, you can buy gift cards from other e-commerce stores, and send them through Facebook.

How to buy a Gift Card on Facebook – 

1) On your browser, go to the PayPal USA page. (

2) On the top left corner, tap on – Shop.

3) Now, you can choose your Gift Card.

4) Enter the amount and checkout.

5) Now enter your payment information. (PayPal, Debit, Credit Card)

6) Place the order.

Once you are done with payment, you will get a confirmation email within 24 hours on your registered email address. So make sure you have given your active email address as a registered email address

7) To get your gift card, go to the Order Confirmation page on Facebook. 

8) To go to the order confirmation page – tap on Settings and privacy > settings > Payments > Order and Payments.

9) Go to your Gift Card order, and you will get a link to claim your gift card

How to Send a Gift Card on Facebook?

Of course, Sending the gift card is fairly straightforward once you have it. 

You can directly share the redemption links on Messenger with your friend. You can also send it through email. Then, You also have the option to post the gift card to a friend’s timeline or post it privately. 

To send a gift card on Facebook, all you need to do is go to your friend’s timeline, and then at the lower right corner, you can click on the gear icon. Then, you can tap on the Give Gift link. Now, you can select the appropriate Gift card which you want to send. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I Send an Amazon Gift Card through Facebook Messenger?

Yes, you can send an Amazon gift card through Facebook messenger by giving the gift card redemption link through Messenger. In fact, you can use any Messenger (eg. WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, SMS, or Email) all you do give is a gift card redemption link.

#2. How to Send a Gift Message on Facebook Messenger?

A gift message is a good way to wish someone on their special occasions like Birthdays, Festivals, etc. A gift message is a message that will open as a gift when a user will tap on it.

1) First of all, You can Go to Messenger > Chats.

2) Then, type your message (eg. Happy Birthday Jack!)

3) Then, Tap on the search icon beside your message. 

4) You will see various effects slide a little and you will see the Gift box.

5) Then, Tap on it and Send!

The message will be packed as a gift box and when your friend will tap on it, it will open as a gift, and there will be your message inside that gift box.

#3. Can I Send Gift Card Through Messenger?

There are two ways to send a gift card through Messenger. The first one is to buy from Facebook Marketplace and then send it to your friend via a link on Messenger. The second method is to buy from other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and send them the redemption link via Messenger. 

You can also use email to send redemption links to your friend.


Gift cards are a great way to reach out to your loved ones, who are far distanced. Facebook marketplace provides such features to certain countries, where you can buy a gift card from the Facebook marketplace and send it directly to them using Messenger.

We hope this article was helpful.

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