How to Remove Phone Number From TikTok in 2022?

How to Remove Phone Number From TikTok in 2021

When you make an account on any online platform, they will take some of your personal information. Of course, it’s for verification, but these online giants often sell that information for revenue. I suggest, if not mandatory, try to avoid giving your phone number. So, if you have given your phone number to TikTok and don’t how to remove it, read this article.

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  • If you want to remove your phone and change it read Point No. 1
  • If you want to remove your phone number permanently, then read Point No.2

#1 Step by Step on How to Remove Phone Number From TikTok

You can follow the steps that help to delete your TikTok associated mobile number –

  1. Firstly, you can go to your TikTok Application for your smartphone.
  2. Then, open TikTok App’s Setting ( You can go to TikTok Setting by Clicking on Me Tab.)
  3. There click on the Options (The Three Dots) to go to settings.
  4. Click on Privacy and Settings.
  5. There, Manage My Account.
  6. Click on Phone Number.
  7. There click on Change Phone Number, Tap Yes.

This screenshot of how Verification done to remove phone number from TikTok

Now, you need to verify that number you want to remove or change. You can verify it through OTP Verification –

  • Before you remove it make sure it’s your personal phone number. To confirm that it’s your phone number, you need to enter the TikTok account’s phone number.
  • You’ll receive OTP on that number, read that code and then, enter the code.
  • Now, you’ve successfully removed that number; Now, you can change it with another phone number.

By following these steps, you can remove your phone number. But you need to change it to another number.

But, if you want to obliterate your phone number, you can read Point No.2

#2 How to Permanently Delete/Remove Your Phone Number From TikTok

In this point, we will cover how can you delete your phone number permanently from TikTok –

  • Open your TikTok App & Log in to it.
  • Next, you can Tap on the Me icon (On the Lower Right Side, for TikTok Application Settings).
  • After that, click on Options (3 Dots).
  • Then, You can select “Report a Problem”.

Tap on account management to remove your phone number on TikTok


  • Here, you need to choose a Topic, Select Account Management.

Click on Phone Number in TikTok App

  • Then, select Phone Number.

Click on the option to remove phone number from TikTok as shown in the image

  • There, you can find and choose the option named  “I want to change the associated phone number”.
  • Now, they will ask the question, is your problem resolved? You can just Tap on ‘No‘.
  • Then, you write to the company that you don’t have access to your registered phone number, appealingly.
  • Then, to verify that the account belongs to you, the support team will ask about the following details you need to submit to them –
        • Your Recent Log in Location
        • Username
        • Your old registered Phone Number
        • Sign-up date, etc.
  • By Providing all this information correctly (so they could verify you), you will receive a response message from TikTok; wait for it.

 3. TikTok – FAQ

FAQ Image
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If you are still searching for the answer but couldn’t find it out, TikTok – FAQ will surely help.

1. Is there any possible way to permanently delete your phone number from TikTok?

Ans –  Actually, you can write to them as shown in Point No.2, but you can’t delete it on your own. The best alternative is to change it with any other phone number or simply don’t register your phone number next time while creating an account.

2. How to Delete Your TikTok Account Permanently?

Ans Yes, you can permanently delete your TikTok; it will also remove or delete your phone number from TikTok Permanently.

  • Go to Me Tab > Tap on 3 Dots > Tap on Manage My Account > Click Delete Account.

It will deactivate your account for the next 30 days, then will delete your account. Everything associate with your account will be deleted, your purchases, your chats, your name won’t be visible in the search bar, but one can view where your username is mention, but it won’t be opened.

3. Is TikTok Good in Terms of Privacy?

Ans – TikTok often gets criticized because of its censorship; TikTok says that they aren’t controlled by or engaged with the Chinese communist party, yet you can’t find content against the CCP, like trying to search Free Tibet mostly the content is censored.

And then TikTok says it won’t sell your data to the Chinese Government, but because of the App’s double face, many countries across the world banned TikTok.

In my opinion, TikTok isn’t such a safe platform in terms of Privacy; try to minimize the level of information you share with TikTok.

Where will I get TikTok Response on Removing my Phone Number?

Ans – This question is related to Point No.2; you will TikTok’s Support Team respond either in your TikTok App itself, or they will mail you at your e-mail ID you’re provided. Keep Checking.

I hope you find this information helpful on ‘How to Remove Phone Number From TikTok in 2022′. If we have any questions or have doubts, you can comment it down, and we will surely reply to your comments!

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