How to Split a Clip in iMovie on iPhone, iPad & Mac

Feature Image - How to Split a Clip in iMovie on iPhone, iPad & Mac

iMovie is a video editing app designed for iOS, the app interface is very simple and very similar to other video editing apps. Splitting, trimming, and adding music are some of the basic things video editors do.

Here in this article, you will know How to Split a Clip in iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and MAC. 

If you want a short answer, then on iPhone/iPad you have to add a clip to the timeline and tap on the clip to select it. Now, you can tap or scroll on the appropriate area of the clip which you really want to trim here. You’ll see the scissor icon, tap on it to split a clip.

In Mac the process is much easier, you have added the clip, and then select it by clicking on it. You can click on the timeline of the clip which you want to split, then just press Command + B or right-click on it and select split from the options.

Read further for tutorial images and steps.

To Learn How to Split a Clip in iMovie?

For iPhone/ iPad:

That's how to split clip in iMovie - iPhone & iPad
Image Credit – -Camera Obscura Film Making
  • Open iMovie App.
  • Add a Clip and Tap on it.
  • Now, find which part you want to split and move the white line accordingly.
  • Then, All you need to do is just tap on Split. (Scissor icon)

That’s how you can able to split clips in iMovie on iPhone and iPad without getting any issues. Now let us see of Mac.

For Mac:

Split Clip iMovie Mac
You can also press Command + B to Split Clip | Credits - – TheMacUdotcom
  • After adding clips, just scroll through a timeline and go to the part which you want to trim.
  • At that part, just press Command + B
  • Or else you can also right-click and then select the split clips option here.

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FAQ – How to Split a Clip in iMovie

#1. Why Can’t I Split a Clip in iMovie

If your iMovie is working fine, then the reason could you haven’t selected the clip, tap on it before splitting, if the sides of the clip turn yellow, that means it is selected.

In order to split the clip, your clips should be in the center row, If it is indifferent rows, you won’t be able to split.

Also in iMovie, you cannot split a clip of fewer than 0.3 seconds.

#2. How to Save Split Clips in iMovie on iPhone

Just like you save your project, you can’t save an individual clip, you have to save the split clip as a project in order to share or use it in the future.

#3. How to Trim Video in iMovie

Trimming videos in iMovie is easy.

Just drag the two corners of the clip, if you want to make the clip shorter, you can drag it close to the center of the clip. If you want to make the clip longer, you have to drag it away from the center.

However, there are some limits to trimming clips, you cannot trim them shorter than 0.3 seconds, and can’t longer than their original length.

I hope you find this article relevant, trimming or splitting clips isn’t hard, it is one of the basics in editing, thanks for reading!

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