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How to Turn ON Bluetooth on Mobile Automatically When Driving?

This is the blog about How to Turn ON Bluetooth on Mobile Automatically When Driving. 

In the latest smartphones, this feature is built-in, if the phone’s Bluetooth is ON it will effortlessly connect to the car if it was paired.

If your phone isn’t auto-connecting with paired Bluetooth devices, then probably you haven’t turned ON auto-connect.

Here’s how to turn ON auto-connect.

Turn ON Auto Connect to Turn ON Bluetooth on Mobile Automatically When Driving

The reason your Bluetooth isn’t auto-connecting is that you might have turned off auto-connecting. So, in most of the devices, auto-connecting is the default, once you paired your Bluetooth to the device, the rest of the process is automatic.

Steps to Turn on Auto Connecting – 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, Tap on About/About Phone/About Device.
  • Search for the Build Number or the Mobile Version (eg. MIUI 12).
  • Once you find the build number, or else the mobile version, tap on it seven times.
  • Then you’ll become a developer.
  • Now, search Developer in settings.
  • Tap on it, find Bluetooth Auto-Connect and enable it.

Note – By default to automatically connect to any device, you need to pair it and your Bluetooth should be turned ON. In Modern Phones, you can also keep your Bluetooth ON all the time, as it will hardly take 1% of your battery.

To Learn How to Activate Bluetooth Only When Entering the Car?

With the help of A.I, our phones can automatically connect to cars while driving, without doing us anything manually.

Of course, this makes the whole process a lot easier and no need for any trouble on your end.

However, one thing to note here is we can only do this with Android 11 Compatible phones. This means you cannot use this feature if you have android 10 or less.

This also means you cannot use this feature on other systems’ UIs, like Xiaomi’s MIUI or Samsung’s One UI.

If you have a compatible device, you can do the following settings to use this feature.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Then, find and tap on Connected Devices.
  • Go to Connections Preference.
  • Then, simply tap on Driving Mode.
  • Here, you can choose the option to Activate Automatically.

This setting will ensure that your devices will connect automatically to the car while driving.

Alternate Methods to Turn ON Bluetooth on Mobile Automatically When Driving

The official method is to pair your device with your car, and always turn ON your Bluetooth. Then it will be automatically connected to devices that are paired.

A lot of people worry that turning Bluetooth always ON will drain their battery. However, In modern devices system is developed in such a way, that if your Bluetooth isn’t connected to any device, it will automatically switch to idle mode.

Which don’t consume your battery, in fact, every time turning Bluetooth ON & OFF will consume more battery.

Another method is to download any third-party app. 

For example, Sleep timer is an app, which can help you schedule time to turn OFF Bluetooth, WiFi, or even Screen.

So, if you use your car at a fixed ime – while going to your Office or Returning Home, then you can set the appropriate timing to turn off Bluetooth.

That’s it for this blog, I hope you find it helpful, thanks for reading!

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