How To Delete Clips On Twitch PC/Mobile

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Twitch – One of the world’s largest and most popular live-streaming platforms. In addition to broadcasting your videos live, the site allows you to interact in real-time with your viewers. Accounts from which live streams are done on Twitch are called channels. Streaming live on Twitch also helps creators build their fan base and monetize it.

Just like Instagram, anyone can follow any channel on Twitch for free. Twitch, unlike Instagram, allows viewers to pay to subscribe to a channel, which benefits both the creators and the viewers. Subscribed members enjoy many perks, as well as a cool symbol beside their names when chatting. They can also watch previous Livestream recordings of the channel to which regular subscribers don’t have any access.

What are Twitch Clips?

Twitch Clips are short segments of a live stream that last between 5-60 seconds. It allows any user viewing a live stream to create clips of unique & special Twitch Moments, which they can later share elsewhere. By allowing social sharing of these clips, this feature also helps Twitch creators grow their channels. The creator can choose who can create clips. The creator of a Twitch channel has three options – anyone, just followers and subscribers, and just subscribers to select who can create a clip. However, the moderator’s ability to create clips is not affected.

Here’s how to delete Twitch Clips of/from your Account on the PC Website:

1) First of all, you can open the official Twitch Website from this URL –

2) Move the Cursor and Click On Your Profile Picture at the Top Right Corner.

Twitch site profile picture icon screen

3) Then, a Drop-Down Menu will appear after doing the last step. Hover your cursor on “CREATOR DASHBOARD” and then press left click on it.

Twitch Creator Dashboard Option

4) Among those options, choose “CONTENT”.

Twitch content option

5) Then, you can click on “CLIPS”.

Twitch clips option

6) Now, if you’re a creator and want to delete clips of your channel which other people have created, then click and open “CLIPS OF MY CHANNEL.” For non-creators who wish to delete a clip they created, open the “CLIPS I’VE CREATED” section.

Twitch "CLIPS OF MY CHANNEL." option for non-creators and CLIPS I'VE CREATED option for who wish delete clips

7) Click or choose or left click on “DELETE SELECTED”, as shown in the picture.

Choose the delete clips and click delete seclected option screen

8) Now, you will have to confirm it by clicking “DELETE” written in the red box.

Twitch delete clips confirmation screen

9) If a dialogue box appears, click “close.”

close delete dialogue box button screen

Woohoo! You’ve successfully deleted your Twitch Clips from your Account.

To delete Twitch Clips of/from your Account on the Mobile App, do the following simple steps:

1) Firstly, you can open the appropriate twitch mobile application.

2) Then, you can click on your twitch profile icon at the top left corner.

Twitch Mobile application profile icon screen

3) Then, just tap on “Account Settings”.

Twich account settings option

4) Now click and choose the last second option – “COMMUNITY GUIDELINES”.

Twitch Community Guidelines option

5) Now, at the top right corner, beside the three lines, there will be an icon like a person. You can just click on it and then select the browse option.

Top right corner person icon screen

Choose the browse option on twitch app

6) Now you are in the web version of twitch. If you are not logged in, you can log in first. Same as how you do it on PC (given above)

Twitch web version login screen

Well done! You’ve successfully completed deleting clips from/of your Twitch Account 🙂

In case you face any problems, feel free to send your queries to twitch support at

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