How to create an organizational chart in MS word

How to create an organizational chart in MS word

You can easily create an organizational chart in word. You need to follow a few steps and your organization chart is ready. How to create an organizational chart in MS word would be answered very quickly by saying using the SmartArt tool. You can find this option for Windows in Word 2010, 2013 and 2016. If you want it for Mac, you can get it in Word 2016.

What is an Organizational Chart Exactly?

It is a tool that guides new employees by having a clear visual communication of information, the procedure of their department. Moreover, the manager guides his employees through Organizational Chart that what are their functions, etc. Organizations use this Chart for managing the projects of the department. It is also used to calculate the work distribution among employees. The main topic on which this explanation revolves around is ”How to make an Organizational Chart in MS word”.

Method of making an Organizational chart in MS word:

The primary tool to use for making organizational Charts is the SmartArt tool. In MS word you have to click on the Insert tab and then you will find the option of SmartArt. To understand the process of creating an Organization chart clearly, read the following steps one by one.

1) SmartArt Tab:

Go to the computer and open Microsoft word. Click on the top of the Insert tab right after Home. Once you complete it you will see the SmartArt tool, click on it. Then click on Hierarchy on the left and then Organizational Chart (You will find organization chart template to choose).

2) Text Option:

After completing the first step, you will see a menu that needs a text for many shapes. The shapes indicate a person in the structure so organize the charge which covers all of them.

Microsoft Word file document is not comprehensive at this as it is limited for the information to be saved.

3) Modify Hierarchy:

Organization charts play an important role in conveying the message of organizational structure to employees. They include a chain of commands, managing the projects and much more. They are of a complicated and complex nature, so it is essential to clear the idea of who is reporting to whom. It will upgrade the order of the office or organization. After pressing on the specific name, press the Tab key to assist someone in the Chart in Microsoft word document. You can organize the hierarchies in the SmartArt Design Tab.

For example, A; an employee in an organization gets promoted to a higher rank. B; the manager is supposed to report to A. To get the result, B needs to click on his name in the TEXT Dialogue Box and then press the Tab button. so that you can easily change it in this effective way.

4) About the Shapes:

The Templates present there usually consist of five shapes, but you can add more by clicking on the SmartArt Tools Design tab and then add the forms. In this process, you can add the different shapes, show who reports to whom, etc.

For example, C; a new employee comes and needs to report to A (for whom a report was made previously by B). To add a new person, click on the B and then press Add shape button within the SmartArt Tools Design Tab.

5) Complete the Organizational Chart:

Complete the Organizational Chart by adding colors, sizes, and fonts through SmartArt Tools Design and Format tabs.


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