Different Ways To Hug Guys- Women Tips

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Physical affection is another way of expressing feelings. These days people use physical touches to greet each other. How warmly you greet them defines your affection towards them. A hug is the best way to express your feeling, especially with a guy. Still, you need to be careful while hugging a guy. In this article, I will tell about how to hug guys.

To Learn Types Of Hugs And Their Meaning…

Hug a guy with lovers or couples

Of course, Here there are different types of hugs that signify different kinds of relationships. There is a friendly hug, a romantic hug, etc. you can tell the relationship through the hug at the time of greeting.

#1. Side hug

This type of hug shows friendship. You hug from shoulder to shoulder with a small patting on the back. This is the most common way of greeting friends.

#2. Behind hug

The most romantic hug is this. In this, you put your arms around his neck from behind or on his chest. So this shows pure love. If you wanna let know someone about your romantic feelings then try this.

#3. Hug from waist

Put your both arms around the waist of your partner and make eye contact with him. Try to lean back a little. This hug depicts sexual intimacy and most of the time leads to sweet kisses and foreplay.

#4. Heart to heart

In this type, the hearts of both persons touch first. You put both arms tightly on the shoulder and back region. This hug shows emotional feelings. This is the most typical and common type of hug. People tend to move on the right-hand side automatically in this hug.

How To Hug a Guy Friend?

Hug Boy & Girl

As you know a hug depicts inner feelings. First of all, You must try to figure out the distinction between a romantic hug and a friendly hug. If you are hugging a guy which is your friend or someone you do not have feelings for then try to keep your hug duration small. Two sec are enough for hugging a friend. Lean your head towards his shoulder from the side and that’s it. This is the hug that defines friendship. Never give a guy the wrong idea through physical affection. Because guys notice the physical language and affections more.

How to show feelings with a hug?

This is not for those who are already in a relationship because there is no point of shows your feelings through a hug. You can directly say to your boyfriend. If you want a guy to know your feelings then be clear with your intentions before hugging him. Do not flirt with him while hugging. Just try to show him your raw emotions. Because guys notice physical touches first so try to hug him with love.

Other ways to express feelings…

A hug is not the only physical sign that shows your inner feelings. There are other ways too. Some of them are:

  • Make eye contact while talking.
  • Grabbing hand.
  • Eating from hid pate without hesitation.
  • Grab his arms.

All these actions show your interest in a guy. Be careful while doing all this because not all guys like physical language. First, try to know the guy better their likings and dislikings, and then make your move.


In conclusion, Hugs are the pure form of love. The hug shows both friendships and love. You can express your feelings to someone with hugs. Because guys like hugs and physical touches more. Do not overdo this. Hugs in a relationship are very important. They show your bonding with each other and most of the time is best to initiate sexual intimacy with your partner. So, Choose the guy wisely and only then show your feelings to him.

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