How To Hide Chat On Instagram Live {Quick Guide}

How To Hide Chat On Instagram Live {Quick Guide}

Instagram Live is a very interesting feature. It is a different way to connect with your audience. Anyone who has an Instagram account can use this feature. But if you have a business account only then you will be able to fully use this feature. Anyone can send you a message on Instagram Live. Here is the guide for how to hide chat on Instagram Live. you can do this to maintain your privacy.

It helps you with lots of different things. But the problem is not many people are aware front these features. But this feature is very helpful in lots of different ways. In the previous Instagram, this feature was not updated. But now you can do this. And here is how to do this without any hassle.

Benefits Of Hiding Chat On Instagram Live

This feature gave lots of different benefits. Because this feature is useful for all business owners and personal account holders.

Here is a list of some common benefits of hiding chats on Instagram Live.

  1. It helps in maintaining the privacy of the user.
  2. It helps in avoiding mean and vulgar comments. Because having these types of comments under celebrity life is common. So you can avoid this by hiding that feature.
  3. If you are displaying any product or sharing important information then you can attract the focus on that product only.

Tips For How To Hide Chat On Instagram Live

Here are tips to do this process. So you do not have to run here and there to find the chat hiding feature. And all you have to do is follow these steps to hide the chat. Make sure that you do not skip a single step in this process as it is the only way to do this.

  1. First of all, You can launch your Instagram application for your Android/IOS device. Launch the Instagram application
  2. Then, Click on the “Plus” icon that usually appears at the bottom middle side of the screen. Instagram plus icon
  3. From the bottom of this page, you have some options. Here swipe right to left until you find the “LIVE” option. Instagram video live options
  4. Click on the “Live” option here. Instagram Live option
  5. Then all you need to do is start your Instagram live streaming. Just Tap on the Live Streaming icon here. Tap on Instagram live streaming icon
  6. Wait for 3 seconds! Instagram live video progressive timer screen
  7. You are at now live! You are at now live! screen
  8. Once you come live start interacting with your audience. Instagram live interactive video screen
  9. And if at any point you feel like turning off the comment section then you have to click on the three horizontal dots. This dot will be seen right behind the comment section. Comment section horizontal Dots
  10. After clicking on this, some options will appear. One will be to ‘turn off commenting’ and the other will be to turn off requests to go live”. Instagram live comment options
  11. If you want to turn off or hide the comment, tap on the “Turn off commenting” option. Tap On Turn off commenting
  12. And as soon as you choose this the comments will stop floating. And now you can talk freely about anything in your life 🙂 Hide the live chat option on Instagram live
  13. On the other hand, if you don’t want to tell your followers when you have started this Instagram live video then click on the “turn off requests to go live” option. turn off requests to go live option

Benefits Of Using Instagram Live

There are various benefits of using Instagram Live. You can use the live feature to archive a lot of different things. So here is how the live feature on Instagram can help you.

  1. It helps in building real-time connections with your audience. And it helps you to interact with them.
  2. You can promote your business here. And you can show the products. So the customers will deepen their trust in your brands.
  3. If you want instant feedback on a topic then you use this platform. Live can help you connect with different people in no time.


In conclusion, Here is how to hide chat on Instagram Live. the live feature helps in a lot of different ways. You can connect with your friends here. And you can show off some places here as well.

However, comments can be very disturbing sometimes. So you can turn this off very easily. This helps in making the privacy. And it also helps you to keep focused on your topic.

This guide will guide you step by step to do this process.  As a creator, It’s important to know this thing. Because it helps maintain respect between the creator and the Instagram followers.

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