How To See Liked Reels On Instagram {A Guide}

How To See Liked Reels On Instagram {A Guide}

We came across thousands of Instagram reels every day. But we press the like button only for those which we find interesting and useful. And sometimes a liked reel skipped from us. And you forget to save the reel. But you need that reel. You can get that reel from your liked section. Here is the guide for how to see liked reels on Instagram. Instagram recently updated this feature.

Now you can see your liked posts and reels. This can help you find a specific post that you missed. And it is a very good feature. 

Benefits Of Seeing Past Liked Reels

Here are some benefits that you can get by seeing these reels. These reels can help you in lots of different ways.

Here are some of the benefits.

  1. The main reason is to revisit your favorite content.
  2. You might be looking for a dress or a particular business.
  3. And informative reel that can help you in doing something.
  4. want to find inspiration for your content.

So the reasons to watch the liked reels can be many. But the steps to do this process will be the same. Liked reel stores in a particle section of Instagram.

Steps For How To See Your Liked Reels On Instagram

Here are the steps that you have to follow to watch the liked reel on Instagram. So make sure that you follow these without skipping a single step.

  1. First login/launch to your Instagram account. By using the right information. Launch Instagram application
  2. Now click on the Instagram profile icon present at the lower right corner of the page. Instagram profile icon
  3. Click on the three horizontal dots present on the top right corner of the page. Instagram three horizontal dots
  4. Now tap on the option saying ‘Your Activity”. Here a new interface will change. Instagram your activity page
  5. On the top, you will see an option for ‘like”. Tap on that option. Instagram reels like option
  6. And now you can see all the reels and posts that you have liked in the past time. So it is very easy to find these posts. Because now you have to search only a limited section of the posts. List of liked reels video page

This is all that you have to find the liked posts and reels on your Instagram account.

Things To Consider While Watching the Liked Reels

Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind while seeing the liked reels on your account.

  1. If you’ve liked a large number of Reels, it can be challenging to find a specific one through your activity feed. The second method, which involves exploring the creator’s profile, can be more efficient in such cases.
  2. Keep in mind that Instagram’s features and interface can change over time, and the platform might introduce a dedicated section for viewing liked Reels in the future.
  3. To interact with Reels more effectively, you can also save them to a private collection. This allows you to organize your favorite content for easy access.

Considering all these things will make your work easier. And you can use the reel feature more effectively. 


In conclusion, Here is how to see liked reels on Instagram. It is not hard to find the liked reel on Instagram now. But a few years back this was impossible. Instagram updated this version recently. So now you can watch the previously liked reel very easily. So if you are a new Instagram user then you might get confused about all these things.

But by following the right guide you can do everything. This guide will help you in finding the liked reel. You can also see the liked reels and posts here. Here we will guide you on every step of your Instagram journey.

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