Can You Merge Instagram Accounts?

Can You Merge Instagram Accounts

Can You Merge Instagram Accounts?

Quick Answer: Currently, this feature is not working on Instagram. So you can not merge two accounts. However, there are tips that work when you want to handle two different accounts on one device.

Instagram account management is not easy. Because there are lots of things to manage on Instagram. You have to deal with requests, messages, comments, and more. So it is hectic work. And if you have two different accounts then it can be a nightmare for you to manage two accounts. Here is the guide for can you merge Instagram accounts. Because platforms like Facebook offer this feature.

And after merging the management of two different accounts become very easy. So if you are a user of Facebook and you have two different accounts and you are the admin of both accounts then you can merge them. But Instagram has some different policies for this. Here is more on this topic. 

Why Merging Two Instagram Accounts?

You can run two different Instagram business accounts. But merging can help in a lot of different things. Here is the list of those benefits that you will get after merging the accounts of Instagram.

  1. If you want to consolidate your content then you should consider merging. Because it will help you to make the flowers aware of plenty of content.
  2. This can save a lot of time. Because now you will deal with all the traffic on one account only.
  3. If you want to create a longer brand then this will help you. Because now you will shift all the traffic in a single Instagram profile.
  4. It helps boost the profile a little and you can get a more engaging audience for your account.

Can You Merge Instagram Accounts & Does it Allow?

Talking about the current scenario Instagram does not allow account merging you can use the same device. But you can not merge the accounts like Facebook. You can connect accounts like Facebook with Instagram and threads with Instagram.

But account merging is not a feature now. Maybe we will see this feature in the coming years. However, you can use more than one business account on the same device, and switching profiles is very easy here.

Alternate Ways To Use Different Accounts On Instagram

Consider these things while using two different accounts together. Or if you want to end one account, these tips will help you a lot. 

  1. Choose the Primary Account: Select one of your business accounts as the primary one—the one you want to keep. Ensure it has all the essential information, such as bio, contact details, and business category.
  2. Export Data: Use third-party tools or manual methods to export and back up data from the secondary business account, including posts, followers, and Instagram engagement metrics.
  3. Notify Your Audience: Inform your followers on the secondary business account about the transition and encourage them to follow your primary business account.
  4. Close or Unpublish the Secondary Account: While Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to merge business accounts, you can close or unpublish the secondary one. This will make it less visible to users, directing them to your primary business account.
  5. Content Migration: Repost or recreate important content from the secondary business account on the primary one. Ensure you maintain consistent branding and messaging.
  6. Monitor and Engage: Keep a close eye on your primary business account, engage with your audience, and measure your success through Instagram Insights.


In conclusion, Here is how can you merge Instagram accounts. Currently, this feature is not working on Instagram. So you can not merge two accounts. However, there are tips that you can use to handle two different accounts on one device.

You can easily switch from one account to another. And it is a very smooth process. Doing this helps in coping with lots of work.

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