How to Change your name on Google Meet- Explained

How to Change your name on Google Meet- Explained

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Google Meet permits you to change your name for several reasons. For instance, if you allow another person to use your Google meet, update for names, giving a nickname to protect privacy, and a lot more. You can easily change your name by using a desktop or mobile device. In this article, you can get the steps to change your name on Google Meet using some easy and simple steps.

Change your google meet name

The popular platforms where you use Google meet are Windows, Mac, and your android device. Here we have mentioned the easy and simple steps to change your Google Meet name using these platforms.

Steps To Change your Google Meet name from your Windows PC

You can easily change your name from a web browser in your Window’s PC by following the below-mentioned steps-

1) Open our Google and chrome browser. Then open the device setting which you will get by clicking on the three dots on the upper right corner. Or directly hit the profile icon.

google chrome web browser

2) The next step is to click the “Manage your Google account” button here.

Manage your google account link screen

3) Select personal info from the menu displayed on the left. If you are browsing on your android device then you will get the option on the top (You can use the browser on laptop desktop or mobile device.

google personal info link screen

4) Now under basic info, you will get the name option. Then, you can click the arrow located to the side.

personal info name arrow

5) Enter your new name in the fields provided.

6) Click the save button when done.

google account first name and last name

Google login page:

You can change the name of Google Meet using your Android device

You can change your name on Google meet using your android phone and Tablet. The steps are as follows-

1) Find the device setting option on your phone.

Android device settings

2) Scroll down the screen and click Google.

android google option

3) Now search for Manage your Google account option and click on it.

manage your google account link

4) Now select the personal info tab located under your profile picture.

android google persona;l info option

5) Under the basic info, section click on Name.

basic info name

6) Enter your desired name in the required fields.

7) When you are done with the change click the save button.

save button screen

With the iOS app, you can modify the Google Meet name

You cannot modify/rename your profile name on Google meet from the device setting on your iOS device.

Of course, It can be done from the Gmail application on your iPhone or iPad devices. The steps are as follows.

1) Using your iPhone or iPad open your preinstalled Gmail application.

2) Then, You can tap on your appropriate google account icon on the top right.

3) Next, you can press the “Manage your Google account” option here.

4) Hereafter, you can press the “Personal Info” option.

5) You can make the changes depending on your needs. Please note that you can change your first name/ Middle name/ Last name and even provide a name for the first time by following these steps.

6) Click on save when done.

Now following these simple and easy-to-do steps you can modify your name on Google meet when needed. Google meets not only provide you the chance to give a first/last name. but also you can give a nickname that suits you. By doing this, you will be able to easily change your Google Meet account name. Thus using these simple steps you can change your name in Google meet as many times as you want.

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