How To Delete Depop Account? (Things You Should Know)

How To Delete Depop Account

The first thing you require to delete Depop Account is patience. Yes, you need to send an email and wait for 7 days to delete your account. Another thing is you can’t open two accounts at the same time without deleting your account. The best thing would be if you could show some patience.

To Learn How To Delete Your Depop Account?

Unlike other websites, a Depop account cannot be deleted on your own, and you need to send an email requesting in deletion of your account.

Steps to delete Depop Account>

1) Send an email to this email address requesting deleting the account by email.

This is how to email them and delete your Depop Account

2) Once this is completed, Depop Account will send you an email telling you it may take up to a week to deactivate your account. A deleted account is the same thing.

3) The Depop Team will send you a confirmation email when they have deleted your Depop Account.

What You Need To Do If You Want To Delete Your Depop Account Through Email?

Writing an email to Depop doesn’t require to be formal, but yes, email is a hard thing, but you can write it as we guide.

Email Address

Subject Account Deletion Request

Main Body Write two, three sentences in which include your username. If you only write delete my account and your username, that’s also ok.

How Long Does It Take To Delete Your Depop Account?

After sending a correct email, clearly stating what you want, you will receive an email that tells, and it may take up to 7 days to delete your Depop Account.

After deleting the account, you can also make a new account. However, you cannot open two accounts with the same email at a time. It is mandatory to delete your account before opening another account.

Want To Know How To Temporarily Deactivate Your Depop Account?

Temporarily Deactivate Depop Account Twitter Screen

This was the same question asked by @gerryleanne, a Twitter account. In reply to that email, Depop said, yes, you can.

For Temporary Deactivating Your Depop Account>

1) Send an email at

2) Write that you want to deactivate your account Temporarily.

3) You will receive an email on successfully deactivating your account.

4) When you want to activate it again, you need to email them regarding the activation of your account.

In this way, you can deactivate or delete your Depop account, and you need to write an appropriate email for it.

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