How to Multiple twitter accounts same email

Multiple twitter accounts same email

Twitter doesn’t allow people to use multiple twitter accounts in the same email. But if you have one or more than one business accounts with your private twitter account, it is quite tough to manage with different mails to log in.

Use Multiple Twitter accounts on your same email account: Is it possible?

If you tried to create more than one twitter account with a single email, you may notice that it is not possible. When you try to create or combine multiple twitter account with the same email, twitter reflects “Email has already been taken” or “Your email account is associated with another account”. Nothing is impossible when it is an online platform. If Twitter doesn’t allow you to do so by default, there must have an alternative way to do so. Here we will discuss how you can control multiple twitter accounts with the same email.

How you can create several Twitter profiles using only one email address?

If you are using a Gmail account then it is not a tough job for you. While you are using your Gmail username you can put an unnecessary dot (.) between your username. As Google doesn’t allow any space or pause in the username so google will ignore it if you put some. By default, it redirects the mail to your mailbox without any trouble.

That trick can be useful for you. It will help you to fool twitter and use the same email for multiple accounts. So by putting an extra dot in your username will misguide the twitter’s algorithm. Twitter will accept the mail with an extra dot and send the emails with that but all the emails you will be getting in the same mailbox.

simple username tricks for multiple account on twitter

To be clearer let me present an example for you. If you have a personal twitter account by the name of ‘XYZ’ and you have associated it with your original Gmail account ‘’. if you want to add your other twitter account with that email the only thing you have to do it put the email as ‘’ or ‘’. Twitter will detect the mail addresses with extra dot as a unique email account but the notification emails will be redirected to the same mailbox by default.

Alternate way:

once any user creates a Gmail account with google, they automatically activate one alternative mail address with the domain, instead of So if you have only two handlers than you simply use that alternative domain address with your mail that will also reflect all the emails in the same mailbox.

By the way, you can be using the tricks to achieve to make more than one Twitter accounts in the same email!. Now it doesn’t sound something impossible for you. Notably, you can create like this then you can receive all twitter notifications in a single mailbox.

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