How To Delete Poshmark Account (With Images)

How to delete poshmark account

Poshmark account can be deleted by you only, and you can delete through an app or website, whatever you prefer.

Deleting your Poshmark Account will get you rid of annoying emails and notifications. But in terms of privacy, your data will also get deleted after some time of deleting your account.

So, it’s a crucial task if you aren’t using your Poshmark account.

In this blog, you will know How to delete Poshmark Account  –

  1. On The App
  2. On The Desktop

Table of Contents

To Learn How To Delete Your Poshmark Account?

A simple and straightforward way to tell you, with images.

If you find it difficult to read, we have created YouTube Video for you, and it will make your task a lot easier –

1. On App

Steps to delete this Poshmark account for your Android/IOS Device App –

1) Firstly, You can Open the Poshmark application for your smartphone.

2) The Poshmark home screen will appear here.  The next step is you can Tap on your Profile Icon that is placed on the lower right-hand side of the app.

This is the step 1 of how to delete poshmark account in mobile phone








3) Then, you can scroll down and tap on the “Poshmark Support Center” option here.

Step2 Tap on Support Center after scroll down screen

4) From this support center page, Tap on the “Manage Account Status” option.

Tap on Manage Account Status Screen

5) Now, you see the  “Delete My Account” option. You can click on it.

Step 4 - Under Manage Account Status There I s Option To Delete Your Account


6) Afterwards, It will be asking for a verification code for security purposes.  So, you can enter the proper verification code that is sent to your Poshmark registered phone number.

7) From this popup screen, you can select the reason why you want to cancel your Poshmark profile.

Select the reason to delete your account

8) You will receive an email from Poshmark after successfully deleting Poshmark Account. Your account will be deactivated, don’t log in again; after some time, you will get another email of completely deleting your Poshmark Account.

2. On Desktop

You can follow the below steps that guide you to delete Poshmark Account from Your Computer/Laptop without getting any issues.

1) Open your desktop/laptop web browser, and then search the – website.

2) Once you are getting to the Poshmark homepage, then Log in to your account.

This is the step 1 image to delete your Poshmark account.

3) Next, You can click on your Poshmark “Profile Icon” for the top right corner and then select “Account Settings” from the dropdown list.

Step 2 Image: Tap on account Settings Image

4) From this Account Status screen, scroll down, and select the “Manage Account Status” option that belongs to the left-hand side.

Step 3 Image Tap on manage account status image

5) So, if you want to close your account forever, then click on the “Delete My Account” button from this account status page.

Tap on Delete My Account Under Manage My Account Status

6) Then, for Security purposes, Poshmark wants a verification code. You will get this code for your Poshmark account associated Email Address (or) Mobile number.  So, once to receive the code, you can enter your Verification Code here.

7) After all is done, you can select the valid reason why you want to leave your Poshmark Profile and confirm it.

8) That’s it. You’ve successfully canceled your email or phone associated Poshmark account so far 🙂

Final Thoughts

Of course, Deleting your account is crucial as it will stop unnecessary emails from companies, and also, one could not discover you if you aren’t interested in the platform.

Not only will it help you in deleting that emails and other things, but in this internet world, privacy is a priority.

On the internet, one can dig your full piece of information. That makes this platform utterly unsafe, and not only good people are filled on the internet. So, remember this delete those accounts that you aren’t using.


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