Things About How To Update Your Name On Google Meet?

Step by step instruction for how to change/update on your google meet name

Giving a new name to ourselves on social media or other platforms is popular these days. And adding an initial to our names is something we’ve all considered. Talking about formally changing, I’d say it’s a difficult task to accomplish, but you can achieve it at least on Google Meet.

Like all other services, we all know that Google Meet uses your Google account name. Due to this, when you make a name change/modify in your Google account, Google Meet is updated as well.
You can use this method to correct spelling issues in your Google account. Further, it can also be used to add initials or surnames. On all devices that we use in our daily lives, including any laptop, computer desktop, or mobile device, changing your name on a Google account is quick and straightforward.
Following some simple steps that we’ll discuss in this blog will make your work easier and effective.
In this article, I’ll tell you how you can change your name on Google meet from different devices and the common mistakes you’ll have to avoid.

How can you update your Google Meet name from a computer?

Readers, follow the steps given below carefully if you want to understand how to update your name or change your initials in google meet using desktops/ laptops.

1) You can access Google Meetings by typing on your browser window. And then sign in with your Google account if you’re on a computer desktop or laptop.

2) The next thing is you can just click on your “profile image” icon that belongs to the top right corner of your google account screen. Once you click on your profile icon. And then choose the “managing your google account” link here.

google profile image icon

3) This will lead to open a new tab in your browser window with the Google Account settings. From the Google account left-hand side corner menu, you can click on the second tab named “Personal Information”.

Google personal info screen

4) After the website has reloaded, you can modify your name easily by going to the profile section.

Google Name fields

5) On the next screen, you’ll be easily able to update or set your name or surname, then save the changes you’ve made when you’re through, and you are done.

How do you update your name on Google Meet if you’re using the app?

The next question that must be arising in your head is how you can change in Meet from the app. That’s not at all difficult; all you have to do is follow a few basic steps that we’ll go through in this section of the article.

1) People who don’t have access to a computer or a laptop can update their names on Google meet app using their mobile phones.

2) Install the meet app from the play store or any other app store available on your phone and sign in.

Google meet app playstore or app store page

3) After that, when you turn on the meet app on your screen. Then, You’ll see a small burger menu bar on your phone’s top left-hand side.

Google Meet Appplication Three dot menu bar screen

4) Tap on the menu button; it will take you to a menu, where you’ll have to tap on the account name visible, e.g., Riya Singh.

5) Next, you can enter your “Google settings page”. And then you can go over to the tab that shows “personal information”. When you are in the profile section, you can click on your name here.

6) Of course, you’ll be able to update or modify your name here, and after all, is finished then just hit the save button here. We’re hoping to learn that you’ll be able to modify your Google Meet name.

Please share any questions that may arise regarding google meet name changes in the comments section below.


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