How To Tinder Search Without Registering Account?

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Are you wishing to find someone in Tinder without owning your account? Find someone on Tinder without actually being on Tinder is simpler than you thought. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to search unlimited Tinder profiles without registering the account. You can surf Tinder from your mobile or PC by using the browser.

Step To Search Tinder Profiles Without Even Registering Single Account

You will not have to open a fake tinder account or provide your details like email address, name, etc. Below are the steps you need to follow that helps to find someone or any specified persons on Tinder without using your original account no need to give your original details.
#1. As a first step, you must access your internet browser. If you own an iPhone, use safari and if you are using Android, search in chrome similarly. If you are using a laptop, search in the web browser.

Open the web browser

#2. In the search bar, type site: com@<Person Name>. The in-Person name just searches for the person you want to find. For example, if you want to find a person named Tom, search Site: @Tomas.

Search the tinder username

#3. Once you hit enter the Google will show the search result of Tomas’s profile on Tinder.

Search the tinder username on google search

#4. The search result will give a bunch of names as we are searching with just the first name. You can be more specific by using the full name of the person you want to find. You can see all the pictures the person has uploaded in the tinder dating app.   This means that Tinder doesn’t require you to create a profile to use it.

Tinder Search Screen

Create a Fake Tinder Profile

You can also create a fake Tinder account which will be a lengthier process than the first one. The steps to create a fake profile on Tinder are as follows-

Step-1: You need to create an email address with a fake name and information.

Signup New Gmail Account Screen

Step-2: Open a fake Facebook account, without which you cannot open your Tinder Account.

Signup new Facebook account screen

Step-3: Now, before you can open the Tinder account, locate some pictures to add to the profile on Tinder.

Choose the Tinder public profile picture that took in internet

Step-4: Of course, If you’re using Android, you can simply download the Tinder app from the Google Play Store. On the other hand, If you’re using the iOS Device, then you can download Tinder from the Apple App Store.

Tinder Application for mobile installation page

Step-5: Launch the Tinder account.

Step-6: The easiest way to login into Tinder is to “Log In With Facebook”. If you log in with your Gmail account, you can upload images from your phone, which can violate your privacy.


1) If you have logged in to Facebook with another account on your phone, log off.

2) Then, Sign in with your fake Facebook account.

3) Enter the credential of your Facebook account.

Step-8: After you follow the instructions that appear on the screen, you will be taken to the next step. Of course, In a few minutes, you’ll be able to make a fake Tinder account. With Tinder all set up, you can start looking for a match.

Tinder fill the required information's


Keep in mind that using a fake Tinder profile is fun but dangerous at the same time. The privacy policy of Tinder does not allow and fake or duplicate accounts. People matching up with fake profiles mess up the whole algorithm of any dating app. Moreover, catfishing, hurting other, spying are some of the serious crime which one should avoid. Until you are using a fake profile harmlessly to search for some of your friends, you are ready to roll. So, This article gives you a detailed process of Tinder Search without registering.


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