To Learn How to change name on Yelp?

To Learn How to change name on Yelp

Who are they?

Yelp, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, is social networking and reviewing company. Registered users can post reviews and rate businesses on, which uses crowd-sourcing to publish reviews. One can access them through a pc or mobile application. They offer many services, including food delivery, making hotel reservations, booking tables, etc.

Is it Important? displays your first name and last initial along with your quoted nickname. Since you are in the largest business community, maintaining proper, legal, and original profile matters. Yelp will ensure that your brand is well-known among consumers and reviewers.

Try to be Unique!

While you are free to add your name, Yelp will cross-check on the usage of promotional and offensive business names, which may result in account closure. Relax! Put on a legal and registered name. That’s all!

Steps for How to change the name on Yelp? is built with a simple, user-friendly webpage. So altering your business name, changing your profile picture, and managing your account should be a piece of cake. The following steps help to change your name on your Yelp account so far.

  • Reach with your internet browser.
  • When redirected to Yelp’s homepage, tap the ‘Login’ option, which you’ll find on the top right corner of the page.
  • Here, you get an option between manually entering your username and password and using Google’s one-tap login.
  • If you choose to Log In manually, you have to verify Captcha before you get inside your account. After successful login, you reach your account’s homepage.
  • Click your Yelp account profile picture icon that belongs to the top right corner.
  • The list of dropdown options shows here. 1) About Me 2) Find Friends 3) Account Settings.
  • Then, Select the  ‘Account settings‘ and get redirected to your profile.
  • You can completely customize your profile from here.
  • Please select the first name box and enter the desired name in it.
  • You can alter your last name in the same way if you wish. Your name will be listed with your first name and last initial for public display.
  • Be careful in using proper, original, and legal names only. If found promotional or offensive, then your yelp account deleted permanently.
  • Being genuine will get you Yelp Elite Squad Scroll down and tap ‘Save Changes.’ You will now be redirected for confirmation.
  • Select, ‘change my real me’ checkbox on the appearing page and tap ‘Save.’ Yes, you have successfully created changed your yelp name now.

Video Tutorial:-

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