How To Delete GroupMe Account?

How To Delete GroupMe Account


As the internet is growing day by day, different messaging applications and social media websites are developing. GroupMe app is also a type of messaging application which is mainly used for group messaging.

The Microsoft Corporation owns this application. Using a mobile number, a person must have to create an account on this application; he or she will become eligible for the messaging through this application.

To open the application, every time you have to enter your password, which you set during the making of the account?

As discussed above, sometimes a person makes an account on the GroupMe application, and due to some reason, he or she wants to delete their account, then it is also a very easy process only.

Once you decide to delete the GroupMe Application, you can follow the below steps. On the other hand, change your mind and reactivate your GroupMe account, then you may wait for the next 48 hours after only you can restore your account.

Need For Deleting GroupMe Account 

Nowadays, people account for the different social media applications and messaging applications that come into the market. And after some time when the new application comes they forget about the first one. But the important thing is that before uninstalling the application, it is necessary to delete it because someone may misuse it.

Due to any reason, if you are uninstalling the GroupMe application, then you must delete your GroupMe account. There are many applications present in the digital market for email and SMS.

But all the applications are not safe for use. If you are using GroupMe, then you need not worry because your messages are in safe hands. GroupMe is designed by Microsoft and widely used for group chats.

How to Delete the Account on GroupMe? 

Deleting the account on GroupMe is quite easy. All you need is you can follow the below easy steps; your account will remove as long as possible.

  • You have to click on your profile picture to open it, and then you will get a pencil icon there; just select that icon to edit the profile.
  • After selecting the pencil icon, you will get the link for Delete GroupMe Account
  • After clicking on the given link, you will be asked to continue. You have just to select continue. You have to enter your password in this step. 
  • After entering your password, select the delete option on the confirmation screen.
  • If you are the owner of some group, you must have to transfer the group’s ownership to someone else before deleting your account.

By following the above-discussed steps, you can easily delete your GroupMe account permanently.

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