How To Screenshots On HUAWEI Smartphones?

How To Screenshots On HUAWEI Smartphones


If you are struggling with technology and understanding new features of devices, like taking screenshots on a Huawei smartphone, listed below are the ways for your help.

How To Take Screenshots On HUAWEI Smartphones? – Seven Methods.

Are you finding it hard to handle your Huawei smartphone? Taking a screenshot is like digging a well. Here is the solution for taking the screenshots in numerous ways.

1) Press HUAWEI Phone Power Button and Volume Down Button

  • First of all, you can select the page on your smartphone to take a screenshot of on mobile.
  • Next, you can press and hold the power button and the volume down button together for 3 seconds.
  • That’s it. Your screenshot is stored from your device.

2) Notification bar

  • First, open the page that you want to take a screenshot.
  • Next, scroll down the notification bar and find the option called “screenshot.
  • Select the screenshot button and perform your screenshot.
  • Your screenshot will be there in your phone’s gallery.

3) Knuckle taps or three fingers

  • Firstly, open your mobile settings on your smartphone.
  • Then, Scroll down, and find the option called “Accessibility features.”
  • Once you find click this option.
  • It opens a page with further options. Select the option “shortcuts and gestures.”
  • It will open another page, select the option of taking a screenshot and allow the knuckle screenshots and three-finger screenshots.

4) Knuckle taps:

  • First of all, open the page on your smartphone that you really want to take a screenshot of on mobile.
  • Next, tap with your knuckle twice on the screen.
  • Of course, the screenshot saved successfully.

5) Three-finger screenshot:

  • In this case, repeat the first step mentioned above.
  • Next, you can scroll down the screen with three fingers
  • Yeah, the screenshot is successfully saved.

6) Partial screenshot with knuckle taps:

  • In this case, repeat the first step mentioned above.
  • Then, with your knuckle, tap the screen once.
  • A screen capture can be taken.
  • Now trace the area of which you need a screenshot, with your finger, without lifting it.
  • The partial screenshot will be available in the gallery of your phone.

7) Scrolling Screenshot

  • In case a screenshot needs to be taken of the entire screen then, tap with your knuckle.
  • And hold it there till the appearance of a blue dot.
  • Next, trace an ‘S’ with your finger and the screen will scroll down to the bottom and take a screenshot.


All the methods are simple and easy to follow. Huawei manufactures devices with amazing features which need to be explored. In light of the above discussion, it can be concluded that taking a screenshot on a Huawei device is not a difficult task.

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