To Learn How To Whisper On Twitch?

To Learn How To Whisper On Twitch
Wanna broadcast your gameplay? Twitch it!

Twitch, a subsidiary of is a popular American live streaming service that is widely used in broadcasting real-time gameplay, esports, etc. Having an account with them will let you chat with other users; enjoy sharing live gaming, watching other’s broadcasts, and more creative content.

Whisper? – Strange but Safe…

Would you like a peeping tom who always has an eye fixed on whatever you do? No one will. And what if it’s chatting? That’s even worse. With a twitch, you get a really good option of private messaging under ‘whisper’. The benefit is that you can whisper to your followers, friends, and subscribers even if you are not on the same page. Say you are in STREAMER 10-MANS and your friend is enjoying 100T HIKO.

Whisper without limit. How To Whisper On Twitch?

Twitch. tv is customized to be used smoothly both on your pc and mobile device. With an era overcrowded by mobile apps, twitch sticks to the trend. You get a mobile application ‘twitch mobile’.

Whisper On Twitch PC/Laptop:-

  • If you have a pc, reach twitch. tv with your internet browser. When the front page appears, tap the ‘Login’ option on the right corner.
  • You get a pop-up window where you enter your username and password.
  • – You can opt for logging in through Facebook if you have previously linked it.
  • Now you get redirected to your twitch homepage with a newsfeed of top live streamings.
  • The left corner will list your followed pages with an ‘online’ icon.
  • Locate and select the typical chat icon on the top right corner.
  • Start imputing the name of the desired channel in the box. And select it when it is suggested.
  • If the channel is already listed on the homepage, enter by just clicking on it.
  • This opens the stream chat window.
  • Now you can select the whisper option.
  • Type your message after /w username.
  • Username here means the name of your friend or follower.
  • Remember you can whisper only when your friend is online.
  • When the message is sent, a private chat window will pop up to continue your chat, wherever you are on twitch.

Whisper On Twitch Android/IOS Mobile Application:-

It’s nothing much different on the mobile app.

  • In a mobile application, you get a straight whisper button.
  • In android, just click on ‘whisper’ on the profile page of the channel after choosing the required profile.
  • One can use the search bar to find the appropriate profile.
  • On doing so, a private chat window opens instantly.
  • With an iPhone app, click on the three dots on the right corner to get a drop-down listing.
  • Select ‘whisper’ from the list and proceed to private texting.
  • If you are concerned about privacy in whispers, you can choose to block unwanted or hacking whispers.
  • There are two options here. Blocking someone permanently will stop whispers from them.
  • If you want to block whispers from strangers, find ‘Block Whispers from Strangers’ under ‘Privacy and Security and turn it on or off as per your wish.

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