How to Restore Old PUBG account Gmail | BattleGrounds Mobile India

How to Restore Old PUBG account Gmail | BattleGrounds Mobile India

BGMI Early Access

With the upcoming Re launch of PUBG Mobile India, the creators have unveiled a teaser for the upcoming game in India. Battleground Mobile India will appear in the country after being pre-registered in the Google Play Store. While the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India remains a mystery, developers in the teaser have asked the users to guess the launch date for India, suggesting an imminent arrival.

Download Links


BGMI OBB Link: –BGMI OBB Download Link

Krafton gave early access to the top Indian PUBG streamers and YouTubers. They went streaming explaining all the new things.

Dynamo Gaming’s stream was highlight with 200k + live watching for the BGMI Gameplay.

At the beginning, Krafton released a form to access the BGMI as a test.

Once you submit the form, the app will charge a pre-registration fee. Once you are done, your Indian version of PUBG Mobile will be booked and you can access it on the start date

Here are some tips which may help you after downloading the BGMI.

The official game isn’t out yet but will be out soon. Indians players can’t wait for this.

They are playing the early access by downloading from third party websites.

They are over 20M registrations made on Google Play Store for BGMI. That means, the app will be downloaded 20M times immediately after releasing.

How to transfer data from PUBG to BGMI | Google Play Games?

BGMI has an announcement that players can acquire the oldest data on PUBG to BGMI which will barely takes 3 minutes.

Actually, here I just found a problem with the Google Play Games link players.

Players who are logging in with Facebook or Twitter are safe. But the players who use Google Play Games/ Gmail to login to PUBG are facing an issue. They are unable to transfer data.

For Facebook/ Twitter PUBG Players

  1. Open BGMI and log in with Facebook/Twitter or Gmail.
  2. You have to create a new profile with new name and character.
  3. The go to the settings.
  4. You can the option transfer data.
  5. Click on it and you can see Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Select which one you have logged in previously on PUBG.
  7. You will be logged out once you confirm the transfer.
  8. Wait for 5 minutes to complete the transfer and log in.
  9. You will get your old data including name, outfits, stats etc.
  10. Also, you will get a rename card to change to a new name if needed.
  11. Collect the rename card from the message rewards.

Gmail/ Google Play PUBG Players

  1. First, open the PUBG Mobile with the help of any VPN.
  2. Open it and link your account to Facebook or twitter along with Google play.
  3. Then Download BGMI and follow the “For Facebook/ Twitter PUBG Players”

So, the PUBG continues in India like this.

However, the game isn’t officially out yet. Players thought that the game will be available on Play store today. But unfortunately, it is not out yet.

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