How to tell if someone deleted their Instagram Account?

How to tell if someone deleted their Instagram Account

With millions of users, Instagram is one of the popular apps in the social media platforms section. Instagram has features that people find super interesting, super easy. Also, the look of the app is stylish enough. Many people who open an account on it start enjoying surfing in this virtual community.

But Instagram protects your privacy. It means you cant see someones install a profile if he doesn’t want means the account is private. You can’t send the message to the private Instagram profile without their permission. That’s are good. When someone blocks you, you won’t know about it easily. Also, if someone deletes their Instagram profile, then also you won’t know it easily.

Is the person blocking you, or have they disabled their profile or deleted it?

It is hard to find what happened with the profiles and communication. When someone deletes their Instagram, then you might think that someone blocked you on Instagram. So how do you know the condition when someone deletes their Instagram.

The disable is the temporary deactivation of the Instagram profile. At the same time, the deletion is the permanent option for Instagram accounts. If another Instagram profile can see the same profile, then the person might have blocked you on Instagram.

You cant see the deleted Instagram profile on Instagram. You won’t be able to message either. So it’s easy to find someone who deleted their Instagram profile or not.

Useful Tips From Experts In How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram Account?

So whether it is temporarily disabled or deletion of an Instagram account, it has some signs so that you can identify it. These are certain things you can do to know if someone deleted or deactivated their account.

1) Ask someone who has an account on Instagram. 

If you cannot see the posts, comments, or likes of someone you think has deleted their Instagram account, you have to check it. If your friend searches for that person, he cannot see the person’s Instagram profile; then the person must have deleted their Instagram account. If another person’s Instagram profile can see the same profile, the person might have blocked you.

2) Go to the Instagram website. 

On the browser, type and add a slash in front of it. After that, type the username of that person and hit enter. If the page says that the page isn’t available, then they have deleted their Instagram account. If someone has deleted their Instagram, you won’t see the profile from anywhere. That’s it.

3) Make another fake account and the profile. 

Making a fake Instagram account can help you with this problem. Making another profile makes you see that the profile is available on Instagram or not. If you cannot see the profile by a fake account, then the person has deleted their Instagram for sure. If another fake Instagram profile can see the same profile, the person might have blocked you.

4) Their likes disappear 

If someone has deleted the account, then definitely the likes by them will disappear. If the person liked your post, see if you have the likes in on your post or not. Of course, If someone deletes their Instagram profile, you won’t see the post likes by them.

That’s how you can determine if someone has removed their Instagram account or not. These are one of the most useful ways to see whether the Instagram profile is deleted or not. The deletion of the account can be confused with deactivation. In both cases, the same things can work; the only difference is that one is temporary and another is permanent.


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