How to access YouTube website desktop easily Android/iPhone??


As a matter of fact, YouTube is the one of topmost famous video-sharing platform. Where you can share, watch, like, comment on others’ videos as well as yours. If you have any organization you can promote your services through you tube. YouTube is completely free of cost but you have to suffer ads with the free subscription. If you choose the paid version you will not suffer for the disgusting ads and will get many more benefits. You can access the YouTube website on desktop also in Mobile, tablet. If you switch to YouTube website desktop you will get lots more extra features to enjoy. Now they launch their apps which is easily available in the play store.

Why YouTube is well liked peoples and most popular?

  • First up all it’s free to access.
  • There are limitless and so many varieties of content to watch. Because in every 1 minute approx 100 hours of video get uploaded.
  • You Tube is user friendly and easy to interact with the creator.
  • Of course it’s to easy to share your YouTube videos. You can just login with your Gmail address and share your videos.
  • Notably if you are a creator you can share your talent and earn a huge amount of money from it.
  • On the other hand, if you are viewers you can hike a video(tutorial) which is perfect for you because there are lots of videos available moreover in every language.

How to access the YouTube website desktop easily on Android?

  • Firstly open you tube on your mobile browser (chrome).
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner (Chrome menu icon).
  • From the drop menu, you will get Checkbox to enable the desktop site.
  • Enable the checkbox.

You will be redirected to you tube desktop version.

How to access the YouTube website desktop easily on iPhone?

  • Open safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Next you can visit YouTube.
  • Click on the arrow from the browser top right corner
  • From the pop-up menu select request desktop site.

Now you can enjoy the YouTube desktop version.

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