What is Orca MSI Editor and How to install the Orca MSI Editor?

As a matter of fact, MSI files are windows database installer packages, Which is used to windows update and installing other windows applications. In general, MSI files are save with .msi extension. In order to open and access the MSI files then you need to have an MSI editor. Orca MSI editor is the component of windows which allows user to modify and customize features of MSI files.

Moreover Orca MSI editor lets you modify the file title, where and how to deliver the file. It is a previously used Microsoft developing tool. Currently, it is not available.

Why you need an MSI editor?

In the first place Microsoft Installer/MSI files are save with .msi extension. MSI files are generally resource libraries of windows applications or windows update which is uploaded at the time of installation. In short MSI files are some programs which perform the installation. Of course these files are contained in a package. So to open and access the MSI files you need to have an MSI editor

How to install the Orca MSI editor?

  • First of all, go to your browser and download Microsoft Windows SDK and the .Net framework.
  • Run through Installer.
  • Only select windows developer tools and unchecked all selected others. (because by defaults it will install all the necessary requirements )
  • Then select next.
  • Select the Complete option.
  • installation complete.

How to Run Orca MSI editor?

  • Once the installation is complete then you can click on the start button.
  • Then select programs.
  • Click orca.

How to Edit an MSI FILE using Orca

  • Firstly Run the orca.
  • Click on the File menu.
  • Then click open.
  • Select the file  to edit with Orca.
  • now select transform.
  • choose new transform.
  • Now you are able to modify the MSI file as you want.

To verify your changes

Once you made changes now to verify your changes Follow these steps

  • Select  transform
  • Then Apply transform
  • Afterwards choose the file you have transformed.
  • Now a marker will be shown on the table which is just modified.
  • select the marked table your modified values will be shown with a highlighted marked color box. The color box indicates if the values are updated or removed.

To save your changes

once you verify your changes  to save the  transform file Follow these steps

  • At first up all select transform
  • Then choose generate transform
  • now choose the file location where to save.


Though the use of the Orca MSI editor is reduced. There is some alternative of  MSI editor is available in the market. You can give a  try to Superorca and InstEd.

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