Large File Download Test

Large File Download Test

Do you want to download large files and test their speed of getting downloaded? Then, there are certain sites for servers across the world, which can be uses to do the same. so let’s take a look and discuss with  a few websites about them.

1) Future Hosting:

Site link:-

Future Networking offers hosting services across the globe from various data centers. It depends on your position and your end users’ location to decide which place is better for you. Generally speaking, the nearest data center is your best choice; however, we have included information here for those who want to run speed tests. These speed tests will help you to download large files and test

Use these sample download files to send our data centers a speed test. To download from a variety of our data centers around the world, we have both 10 MB and 100 MB test files available.

2) Think Broadband:

Site Link:-

To help users check their speed of download of large files from our databases, these files are given. You may still run a speed test, but if you need to do it from various tools, importing files might be useful.

Please note that uploading these files must contribute against the upload use limits provided on your broadband provider.

So big downloads can use up a large proportion of this if you have only a small allowance (e.g. 1 GB-3 GB).

It is suggested that big files can be taken into consideration if the internet connection speed is more than 10 Mbps.

To get started with the process, the large file that is to be used for download test purpose should be clicked on. It should start the download, but, in case the download doesn’t start, the cursor is to be right clicked on the size and select the ‘Save as’.

The downloading files will automatically use IPv6 but to enforce the action, there needs to be a choice done between IPv4 or IPv6.

Note:- In fact, the download files are now given to UK users. So that others are not generally prohibited from using this service but scripted or automated downloading of the files are prohibited.

Moreover, You can email us if you get an’ unauthorized’ error message (please provide your IP address when you contact us).

3) Tele2 Speedtest Service:

Site Link:-

The Tele2 Speedtest Program allows the people around different servers to use different methods to test the large file download. It is for everyone with a stable internet connection and not just for the Tele2 users only.

Use’s tool to test your connection, download a file via your web browser (HTTP) or download and upload via FTP.

The test of the internet speed is generally done with multiple servers which are fast and are at different locations of Europe linked to the 10GE global IP core network of Tele2.

Notably, The http:/ address is anycasted, which implies that the database nearest to your position (network wise) will support you automatically.


Site Link:- is not the average speed measurement for upload. The more you use it, the smarter makes your computer-specific adjustments for a high level of accuracy.

As a matter of fact, this site speed test will download in your favorite browsers and generated random data’s here. Additionally it brings the log results of download speeds as well as other data’s.

TMN(Telecommunications Management Network) ensures that your Internet connection with large download tests up to 200 MB is thoroughly tested.

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