Printer Spooler Fix- How to Reset the Spooler to work properly

Printer Spooler Fix- How to Reset the Spooler to work properly

The Print spooler works as a mediator between the input device and the printing machine. But sometimes there are some errors in the spooler. For printer spooler fix the below specific steps to be followed.

Introduction to Print Spooler

The output device like printer has a very limited memory system. When the printer becomes overloaded with print jobs, it might not work properly. For handling this issue there is a small application known as spooler.

Requirements for Spooler

The places where the printer is connected with a number of devices (e.g. offices), it receives several requests for printing at once. It becomes difficult to handle all the information received from various devices at a time when the printer worked without spooler because of its lack of sufficient speed and low memory. In that case a special programming was required to manage the information sent to the printer. So, spooler came into existence.

In windows operating system, spooler is an in built application that manages the list queue of printing request in an effective way and slowly passes those information (following the right order of receiving the requests) to the printer drivers instead of passing all the requests at once.

It is only because of the spooler that user does not need to wait for one job to be done before sending the request for next one. One by one the requests are received in the spooler and stored into the “printer queue”.

Issues with Spooler

One of the very common issue is if there is any problem with any document in the printer queue. In that case the document hampers the print jobs of documents standing behind it in the print queue. This causes the following problems-

  • Printing work may get stuck.
  • Spooler fails to translate the information from input devices to the printer.
  • The input device or the Spooler software crashes in the way of transferring information to the printer.

There are some messages appear in the window indicating printer spooler service is not running. For example- “Local print spooler is not running. Please restart the spooler” or “Print Spooler service getting the error message while printing” etc.

Fixing the Spooler Error

There are mainly 3 ways to fix the problem

  1. Altering the properties of printer spooler. One need to type msccommand in run or from Control Panel one may go to the properties. Here user may simply stop and restart the spooler. Then set the spooler to start automatically every time whenever the system starts. After that change the recovery options and uncheck the box of “Allow interaction with desktop” under “Log on” Tab.
  2. Resetting the default printer state by clearing the print queue, updating printer drivers, deleting the printer and printer driver and reinstall the printer.
  3. Scanning system files by restarting the system in safe mode. Then Open Command Prompt with administrator privileges. After that enter the scan command. Then wait for the scan to complete. Finally you will find the corrupt file and a new copy. Then install the new copy.


Instead of all these spooler problems it is very much effective in office environment where many devices are connected to one printer.

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