How to Fix Windows could not automatically detect proxy in simple methods

Fix Windows could not automatically detect proxy in simple methods

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Windows could not automatically detect proxy setting | Fix this error here

Before to fix this error “Windows could not automatically detect proxy”, we need to know why this occurs. Usually, these types of errors occur due to network configuration faults, changes in network or proxy settings. Also, when your PC got infected by any unwanted adware and malware.

So, the basic troubleshooting, rebooting, and resetting the settings aren’t fixing this problem, you have to change it manually. Check out the listed methods below to know the complete process to fix the issue Windows could not automatically detect proxy.

Windows could not automatically detect proxy setting error dialogue box

Proxy servers are beneficial in protecting your PC from malware and other hazardous viruses which you will ruin and stole your data. Of course, they can be also used to browse and access the internet anonymously.

Basically, you can try rebooting your PC or Wi-Fi router simply. Mostly, the software issues will get settled down after rebooting. On the other hand, if the problem still persists for your side, we have to fix it manually.

I have listed 8 methods to resolve this issue. These are some easiest methods to perform.  Are you using Internet Explorer, then go ahead with the below method.

#Method-1: Checking the automatic LAN Detection

Step-1): First of all, you can open your Internet Explorer and press Windows+R to disable the proxy server.

Step-2): Then you can enter the inetcpl.cpl command for that text-box and then click on the OK button here.

Step-3): Afterwards, navigate to the Internet Properties and then Connections.

Step 4): In Local Area Network (LAN) settings, make sure that Automatically detect settings are ticked.

#Method-2: Resetting the Network Settings

Step-1): Firstly, Go to the search panel and search for Internet Options.

Step-2): Open them and select the last option Advanced.

Step-3): At the bottom, you will find the reset button.

Reset them all by confirming them again in the next window.

You can also clear the personal data by ticking the box above the confirmation tab.

Step-4): Finally, click on apply to get changes saved.

Also, you can try running the network troubleshooter in the network settings.

Go ahead with the third method to troubleshoot.

#Method-3: Troubleshooting Network Adaptor

Step-1): Go to the Settings and select Update and Settings and then choose Troubleshoot.

Step-2): Look after the Network Adapter and troubleshoot it. However, it’s just a try.

#Method-4: Enabling the DNS server to get obtained automatically

Step-1):  You can go to the Control Panel first and navigate to the Network Connections.

Step-2): Then click RMB( Right Mouse Button) on the Ethernet and choose Properties which are at the bottom of the list.

Step 3): Now, click on the fourth option Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and then choose Properties again.

Step-4): In the next second menu, tick the option tilted Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically and click on OK.

Obviously, This method has higher chances of resolving the issue Windows could not automatically detect proxy.

#Method-5: Re-installing the network drivers

Step-1): Firstly, Open up your PC and click on the Windows key and X at a time.

Step-2): After that open the Device Manager and confirm the opening dialogue.

Step-3): Click on the Network Adaptor. You might have some idea on your network driver’s company, select the driver that you want to uninstall by RMB (Right Click), and select Uninstall.

Step-4): In the next dialogue, tick the option Delete this driver software from this device and confirm by clicking on Uninstall again.

Step-5): Now, to re-install them, go to the Device Manager again and then click the Network Adaptors.

Step 6): Click on the Action tab which is at the top and then click on Scan for Hardware changes which are available for the first option.

Step-7): Now, the old network driver will be reinstalled on your PC.

#Method-6:  Check the anti-virus installed on your PC

Sometimes, due to some errors, the Anti-Viruses will prevent access to the internet assuming that every website is harmful.

It prevents in the background and sometimes doesn’t show up in the notification. So, if you’ve tried all possible ways and still the problem persists, trying uninstalling the Anti-Virus and try again.

#Method-7: Perform Malware and DISM Scans

If you are having the habit of downloading stuff directly from the internet, then there is a high chance of infecting by malware which bypasses the anti-virus. So, better perform another deep malware scan to confirm it.

Deployment Images Servicing and Management scan will help your pc in fixing the corrupted windows updates and all. In addition to this, updating the drivers and giving them a new life will also help in fixing this but it’s not for sure.

#Method-8: Resetting the Winsock with Commands

Step-1): First of all, open the window tab by that windows button, you can type command prompt and right-click on it.

Step-2): Click on the “Run as Administrator” option and then enter the below command in the box

“netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log “.

Step-3): Now, restart your PC and check whether the problem is fixed or just continuing. If the problem still persists, go ahead with the below command too.

“ ipconfig /renew “.

So, I hope the above methods resolve the issue Windows could not automatically detect proxy settings successfully.

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