How to Find Reddit Deleted Posts and Comments


We all know that Reddit is the best online community that helps to share our ideas, getting content, and discuss topics based on your interest. If you are a regular Reddit user, you notice without any prior notification Reddit posts or comments deleted for some reason. In this case, if you want to read out that Reddit deleted posts and comments then this article is really helpful for you.

To Learn How to check the Reddit Deleted Posts?   

Here we discuss some possible ways to read out the deleted Reddit posts and comments without any hesitation.

How to Find the Reddit Deleted Posts?

Of course, you can’t able to directly access anyone’s deleted posts on Reddit. There are some tricks behind that exact URL. Actually, there are some websites that can offer this service to read out that removed the thread. By the way, you can try all of the below methods and getting the benefit.

Method-1: Use Removeddit Comment

Copy the original Reddit Post URL

Then paste that URL into your computer browser.

For this URL, replace the “” for “”.

Replace the url reddit,.com into

Wait for a few seconds. This site processing your request and will show the deleted posts.

Removeddit removed posts

Refer to the below example. So that you can clearly understand this. What you can do is replace the word “Removeddit” instead of “Reddit”.


Original Reddit Post URL: –

Removeddit URL: –

Method-2: Visit Wayback Machine

Identically, the Wayback Machine is an excellent internet archive free service. It can monitor all websites as well as to capture day by day activities.

First of all, you can go to this site for this link.

Way back machine website

Then paste the deleted post exact URL for the Wayback textbox.

pate the Way back machine URL

Afterward, click the “Browse History” button.

Browse History Button

Now, it will find the information for that specified URL.

When comes to the result you will see the captured page day, month, and year-wise.

Wayback Machine Archive Results page

If you remember the date or month, then go ahead and find this post. Otherwise, be patient and search through.

How to Find the Reddit Deleted Comments?

Sometimes, your post is still there on the Reddit site. Unfortunately, Comments are deleted, and if you want really to read out that all deleted comments in one place? No worries! It’s possible only!  By the same token, You can follow the below methods to find the deleted comments on Reddit without any trouble for your end.

Method-1: Use Ceddit Comment

Obviously, Ceddit is the best Reddit client online tool that helps to read all Reddit Deleted Comments within a second.

Notably, here display all of the comments so far. When you want to find a deleted comment, then it indicates RED color.

Ceddit Removed Comments

Firstly, go to the Reddit website and copy the original post.

Next, paste this URL into your web browser.

Then, at the beginning of the “” URL replace the “Reddit” with “Ceddit”. 

Replace the Reddit into Ceddit

For Example: –

Removeddit URL: –

Method-2: Use Wayback Machine

As was previously stated, Wayback Machine is a great tool to find Reddit Comments so easily. I already discussed how to use the Wayback machine tool in the Reddit post section. So that you can follow the same steps and read the previously removed comments without any issues.


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