Top 8 best free conference call service

Top 8 best free conference call service

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As a matter of fact, Conference calls are an effective tool to communicate information with two or more people. There is a lot of difference when you call a single person and call with more peoples at a time. That’s why every organization preferred a conference call as the best choice to save a lot of time and money as well as improve their business rapidly.

Video streaming is different from conference calls as they do not take the input of the viewer directly. Moreover, conference calls are a means to share and communicate different ideas and thoughts in real-time. There are many software development companies that can provide and offer the best free and premium conference call service so far. In this article, We’ll explore the 8 of the best free conference call service.

8 List of the best free conference call service

1) Zoom

Obviously, the zoom is undoubtedly the market leader for the best free conference call service. The domination of the platform and its popularity outmaneuver its competitor features advantage. Even though Zoom is not the best platform, It is the one that is most downloaded. Zoom is likely to use all of the business peoples. In addition, this software is widely used for online classes, interviews, web meetings, online examinations and trusted by many organizations.

If you are in a situation to make a conference call with the other party, there is a high chance they would be using Zoom and not other free conference software. Just because of this reason, It is the #1 choice for free conference calls. The free plans allow you to have Up to 100 participants and you can have a free duration of 40 minutes.

2) is second-in-line for the best free conference call service. It is internationally very popular and has millions of users across the globe. Using the following you are able to make unlimited conference calls, With exception of having only 5 online participants.

You have many features like Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, and Call Summary. The software is also available for mobile phones, You can download this mobile app on both Android Play Store and IOS App Store. FreeConference also allows you to have Toll-Free Dial-ins. This is by far the best alternate for free video conferencing software.

3) UberConference

UberConference is another ace software for free conference service. The simple interface and easy navigation are the key selling points. Solid software is one of the most recommendable by other users. On the free version, you have features like Call Recording, Screen Sharing, HD streaming, and Other great perks.

Of course, you can have a maximum of 10 participants for 45 minutes on their free plans. Their premium plans are also very lucrative for just 15 dollars, You’ll have a conference limit upgrade to over 5 hours. You’ll also get additional features like Call Analytics, Voice intelligence, and a Team management portal.

4) is a software you can rely upon. They have a vast number of partners that providers server support across the globe. You would not face any bandwidth issues because of your geo-location. The management of the software is brilliant, It keeps all your call logs and video transcript.

You can use their system to manage conference calls in the most elegant way possible. FreeConferenceCall as the same suggests really provides free calls, You can have up to 1,000 participants for 90 minutes. If you are a small business owner, You may need not to invest in an expensive subscription. But use this software for communication.

5) Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the excellent free conference call services in the market. You do not need any more validation if a service is being offered by the best software company. The best part about google hangouts is their ability to integrate different services into a single software.

You can use Google Calendar to schedule your meetings and get the remainder. While you are there, You can also create bullet points for meeting in the google notes. The integrating of different productive software is the key USP of google hangouts. You should definitely use the following if you are managing a small to medium organization.

6) Skype

Skype is our go-to service when we need to communicate with others. It is one of the most popular software out there, It is even synonymous with video chats. Skype offers up to 10 participants for free on their platform. If more people want to participate you need to upgrade your account to Skype for Business.

The quality of video streaming and audio chat is extremely crisp. It has many features like document sharing, screen record, and more. The only drawback of skype is that there is no free dial-in number. And you need to purchase a number if you would like to make calls.

7) Webex

Cisco is the market leader in creating a solid network distribution. The brand resembles a sense of security and trust, And Webex is used by many world leaders to have a secure video conference. Whether you are planning an audio or video conference call you won’t face any issue with Webex.

The free version offers up to 50 participants for 40 minutes. It also provides you with 1GB of free cloud storage data. Webex also has premium plans starting from $13.50 per month. If security is your number one priority choose Webex over other free video conferencing software.

8) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another great alternative if you want to try video conferencing software. It is great for small businesses and freelancers. Using their free plan you can have calls with up to 3 clients. Their premium service starts at around $19 per month. GoToMeeting is more than video conferencing software, It is a productive tool.

Using the software you can schedule all your meetings, integrate other third-party software like Email and messaging tools. You do not need any pins or codes to join the meeting. GoToMeeting provides you with a Toll-Free Option and Built-in Audio. If you just want to interact with a small number of people, This software is a great option.

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