Fix “Security Policy Prevents the use of camera” Issue

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This problem is very annoying when you take your smartphone to capture a moment and suddenly the message pop-out on the screen that “Security policy prevents the use of camera”. But you don’t have to worry, because there are a couple of steps and methods to solve this error.

There are various reasons why this happens, and there are solutions for these problems. Before knowing the solutions, we will see why it’s happening.

Why does the “Security Policy Prevents the Use of Camera” Issue Happen?

We have to understand the problem and why it’s happing so that you will know which solution is you should perform.

This message states that the security policy prevents the application from functioning, which means a third-party app holds the security permissions as well as prevents the camera from working.

In your phone camera, there could be erroneous data. That prevents the app from correct work. If you don’t know the reason, try to solve all the problems as given below.

How to solve the “Security Policy Prevents the use of camera” error?

So, here is the solution to your problem, please follow the steps correctly.

#1. Check the sensor toggle is on or off

Look for third-party programmes that are interfering with the camera’s operation.

Step-1: Firstly, you can go to your mobile device Settings.

Step-2: Then, you can just scroll down the screen and then click on the Biometrics and security option.

Step-3: And then click on Other security settings.

Step-4: From next, you can press the toggle key to turn off access to the app.

Step-5: Deactivate, and click on the same.

After completing all the above steps then you must restart your phone once and verify if your camera is working or not. Otherwise, try safe mode from your phone and access the camera.

#2. Try safe mode for Samsung users & check issue is fixed

If you are a Samsung galaxy or any Samsung user, you can directly use the safe mode. Because of an operating system, disable all the third-party apps. To enable the safe mode, here are the steps.

Step-1: On your android/iPhone smartphone, you can press and hold the power button. After that, show the power off/restart options.

Step-2: Then, you can press and hold a Power off option here.

Step-3: Then, you can click on the Safe mode option for your appropriate Samsung phone.

Once you do this then your smartphone automatically reset and their appropriate third-party applications are not available at the moment. If you can use the camera app in safe mode, then the problem is caused by a third-party program.

Then, you must exit this safe mode option; In order to exit safe mode, you simply have to restart your device. If you are having trouble, consider deleting any new apps you have recently installed if you suspect they are the source of the problem.

#3. Your Samsung device factory reset

If your camera is not working, try this option in which you have to reset your device by following steps:

Note: Before going through this option, backup all your data to another machine so that you can get it back again.

Step-1: First of all, Go to your appropriate mobile device Settings.

Step-2: Then, you can go to General Management.

Step-3: Press on Reset.

Step-4: Once you click on the reset then you can go to the Factory data reset option here.

Check your camera app is working or not. If not, switch off your device and then check. Still not working, then check another step.

Factory reset is an easy job but Ensure that you have a backup of all your data on your local computer before you factory reset your device so far.

#4. Clean the data from the camera to address the problem

Please note you must enable the developer options on your smartphone device before you can clear the camera data.

After enabling the developer mode option, follow the steps given below:

Step-1: As was previously stated, the first step is to go to your appropriate device Settings.

Step-2: And then you can just scroll down and click on Developer options.

Step-3: Then, you can click on the Quick setting developer tiles option here.

Step-4: Afterwards you can Toggle the Sensors Off button.

Step-5: Go back to Settings.

Step-6: Click on Apps.

Step-7: Click on Camera.

Step-8: Go to Storage.

Step-9: And then you can click on the Clear data as well as the other option called Clear cache.

Step-10: Go back to Camera app info.

Step-11: Click on Permissions.

Check all the app permissions and if not, enable all the permissions. After all these steps, restart your phone or device and check the camera app.

Hopefully, you resolve the security policy that prevents the use of camera problems by using all these given instructions steps by step solutions given above.

After fixing all the instructions, don’t forget to restart your device. If still, your phone camera is popping up the massage again, then visit your customer care and take a piece of advice.

If you fix the problem, you will never get into the trouble of clicking your precious moments. So, Start clicking your moments on your device and enjoy them with no error.

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