How To Disable Chat in Google Meet On Mobile/Computer

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Step by Step Guide For How To Disable Chat in Google Meet For Your Computer/Mobile:

As a matter of fact, Google meet is an online global platform that allows people to interact with their known one’s. It is an online leading platform that provides you with a space where you can have a video, audio meeting. For the past 2 years, millions and million used google meet.  As one of the major sources of interaction, Google meet has been one of the most important. Whether we talk about online classes, meetings and events people mostly use Google meet especially during the lockdown.

Google meet has been one of the most helpful platforms in the past 2 years for many purposes. The majority of the school’s, organisations, committees preferred using google meet. It is correct to give each and every feature in Google Meet. When we talk about chat systems, any student and respected person are free to use them by default.

The chat system enables people to send responses, share views, answer, etc. But school teachers always faced one problem and that is students posting chat messages in the chatbox that interrupt the whole class. While the teacher used to teach meanwhile students send text in the chatbox that is totally unnecessary and disturbs the whole class. Average teachers faced this problem. Many suggested introducing a system of disabling chat that will be much helpful.

A system that allows admin to enable and disable the chats anytime and only admin has that authority. Of course, Google Meet introduced the chat on/off feature and came up with another solution. But don’t know how to disable chat in Google Meet? Here we got you covered. All you have to follow these steps and you are all set to teach peacefully without thinking about chat related problems.

How To Disable Chat in Google Meet for Android Phone?

For any android user, this system below is ideal.

Step-1:  First of all, you can go to the ‘’ Three dot icon

‘’ icon in the google meet.

google meet three dot icon on android screen

Step-2: Then, you can select the “host control” bar.

Host control option

Step-3: In the ‘’host control’’ bar tap the ‘’send chat messages’’ button to disable the chats.

Send chat messages enable screen

   Send Chat Messages disable screen

Now that you know how to disable the chats you are all set to go. You can teach peacefully and students won’t disturb or create a nuisance in the class while you are busy. And if you want the response of the students on something you can enable the chats just as you disabled it.

How To Turn Off Chat in Google Meet for Computer/Windows?

While average uses their phone for a meeting, there are so many windows users among us. while some prefer a phone, others prefer meeting with the big screen. If you are a windows user the steps can be slightly different. You just follow these steps given below.

Step-1: Firstly, you can click on the chat icon on the bottom corner of the meeting.

Google Meet Windows System Chat Icon belongs to bottom corner

Step-2: Then after you can click the turn off button just beside the ‘’let everyone send messages’’ bar.

Turn on "let everyone send messages" screen

   Turn off/disable lets everyone send this messages screen

And there is the final result. You are all set to it and if some students create a nuisance just turn off the chat permission. Now that you know how to turn off chat permission in android or in windows you are aware of the steps.

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