Does Nicotine Show Up On Drug Test For Probation?

Does Nicotine Show Up On Drug Test For Probation

Want to know If nicotine show up on a drug test for probation? Here is everything about nicotine drug testing. You can get a negative result if you have all this information. Make sure that you give it a good read if you have a drug test coming soon.

Does nicotine show up on drug test for probation?

In terms of addiction, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the market. Cigarettes are made from nicotine. So if you have a habit of smoking cigarettes then you are a nicotine addict. It is very hard to quit smoking. There are many alternative ways to quit smoking these days. Like smokeless tobacco pipes, vapes, and many more. If you want parole and probation then you need to pass a drug test. Even if you apply for jobs these days, you have to pass a drug test.

So, here is the explanation of the most asked question: does nicotine show up on drug tests for probation? Most people remain unaware of the drug testing procedure. Here is how you can make your drug test negative and many more.

How many drug tests are done on the drug test for probation?

In this, the drug test happens via urine test. You have to give your urine sample and then you will receive your test result report after 3 days. During the probation, they generally did a set of 6 tests.

These tests are as follows:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • PCP
  • Nicotine
  • Amphetamines

Some also add alcohol to this test. While most of the time alcohol is not included in these test lists. So, these tests are done in any urine test. Nicotine and alcohol are optional sometimes. But the rest of the tests are permanent.

How long you can detect nicotine in the drug test?

The detection of nicotine in any drug test depends on what type of drug test has been performed. A drug test can happen via urine and saliva. Blood and all. Each of these has a different duration for the drug to stay in them. So it depends from test to test. Here are the drug tests and the maximum duration to detect nicotine in them.

1) You can detect nicotine in urine for up to 21. It is not easy to get a negative drug test if you have consumed nicotine. So, most of the time the hacks to get a negative drug test fail.

2) If you are doing a blood drug test then you can detect nicotine in your blood for up to 21 days.

3) Saliva test for drugs has the least period for the detection of nicotine. It can detect nicotine for up to 10 days only.

4) If the inspector is doing the hair drug test then there is no chance to become safe. Because you can detect nicotine in hair for up to 90 days. This is the highest period to detect any drug test.

You can do hacks to dissolve nicotine in the urine and blood. But no hacks will work in the hair test. So you can not save yourself from a hair drug test.

Common side effects of nicotine

There are side effects to everything. If you are consuming nicotine and other drug substances for a very long time. Then the side effects will become visible on your body. All these drugs have very harmful effects on the body. Drugs are addictive. Here is a list of some common side effects of nicotine consumption:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • dizzy ness
  • Stomach pain
  • Tearing of eyes
  • Sleeplessness

All these are the common symptoms that you will face once you become addicted to nicotine.

What is a false nicotine test?

A false nicotine test is when you have not consumed the nicotine yet your nicotine test comes positive. This can happen if there are any cases where this happens. There is a different compound that has the same composition as nicotine. This compound is known as thiocyanate. This compound is found in daily eating items like garlic and broccoli. So if you have consumed any of these then your drug test for nicotine also comes positive.

So vegetarian people always have this compound in their system. and they always get a nicotine positive test. Even if they have not touched cigarettes in their entire life.

What factors affect nicotine testing?

Many factors affect the nicotine detection time in the body. So make sure that you know about these factors before going for drug testing.

1) Your age plays a great role here. If you are older then we can detect it in your system for a very long time.

2) If you are obese then the normal time for any drug to remain in your system increases.

3) If you are into sports activity and all then you will daily remove the nicotine from your system. So there are chances that you will get a negative result. Some people use this trick to get a negative nicotine test. The more you sweat you lose the more nicotine you will remove.

4) If you are someone who drinks plenty of water, then you will easily remove the nicotine from your body. Because then you will pass out more urine which will allow more nicotine to pass through the urine.


In conclusion, here is how nicotine can be detected via drug testing. There are many ways that you can use to get a negative result. But many factors make it impossible to get a negative result. Here is the full information about nicotine and its drug testing. So, if you have a drug test nearby then this is a must-read for you. This will help you get a negative result too. Hope you all will find this helpful. Hope I answered the “does nicotine show up on drug test for probation” question.

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