How long after a drug test can i smoke again?

How long after a drug test can i smoke again

Here there is no such time period is there. You can start immediately after your test. Avoid drug consumption before 45 days to avoid the positive result. There are four different types of drug tests.

Smoking after a drug test

Some corporate companies want a drug test report before hiring. If you have cleared the interview part and failed the drug test then you will automatically be disqualified. Before applying to any company you should carefully read their hiring policy. Some corporate companies do regular drug tests while some need to pass a drug test before the interview, it varies from company to company. So if you ever come under any office accident then they will surely do your drug test in the first place. Because consuming drugs in the US is very common. The question that arises here is how long can a drug show up in any drug test or how long after a drug test can I smoke again? The answer to both questions can save you from any future conflict.

Reason for employee drug testing

There are many misconceptions about why the corporate sector does drug tests. some genuine reasons why drug tests have been done by these companies.

#1. To maintain the company’s reputation. Some companies have the policy to do drug tests every 29 days to 30 days.

#2. Consuming drugs decrease brain functioning which in turn decreases the productivity of the person. Hence to keep productivity, drug tests are important. Drugs have a very big effect on mental health too.

#3. Regular drug testing also helps addictive employees to get rid of this bad habit.

#4. Every company provides medical and accident expenses to their employees. to keep the medical expenses minimum this step has been taken.

#5. If any injuries happen due to the action of a drug consuming employee then the drug court makes the company pay thrice the amount of penalty. So eventually it is not good for the company’s reputation.

Types of drug test

Drug tests come in a variety of types depending on the sample.

#1. Urine test

Most commonly, this test is used for drug testing. It is used to detect the consumption of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and many more.

#2. Saliva test-

This test is good to detect recent drug consumption. It can detect 3-4 hours before drug consumption. It is not for long-term drug use tests.

#3. Hairs-

A test such as this can detect drug consumption for up to 90 days. Hance is very effective to check long-term drug consumption. This test does not practice regularly.

#4. Blood sample-

If anyone wants to know the name of the drug consumed then this test has been done. Commonly used by doctors to check the patient.

How does drug tests work?

Talking about the most common drug testing method that is urine. So all these drugs like cocaine, marijuana, weed, etc contain a cannabinoid molecule called THC. The THC level is the main reason for getting high after consuming the drug. Urine tests help in detecting the level of the body.

If you have consumed cannabis then your body will have more than 11% THC level. The larger the percentage value larger will be the consumed quantity. This is how drug tests help in detecting the consumed level of drugs in the body.

Consuming drug after drug test

Varies from person to person. However, you can consume drugs immediately after your drug test. there is no such limit to the period. Different drugs have different periods to stay in the body. Some examples are:


This can stay up to 10 to 20 hours in the body and its presence can be detected in the urine sample for 3 to 5 days.


This drug stays up to 30 days in the urine sample and 10 days in the blood sample.


Stays in the urine for three to four days and in blood for 10 to 12 hours.


It stays 3-4 days in the urine and 8-9 hours in the blood.


Around 2 hours in the blood and 2 days in the urine sample.


So, it is clear that different drugs have a different amount of time to stay in the body. It is better to detox your body before any drug test only if you have prior notice for your test. 45 days without drugs will make your drug reports look completely neat. And after your drug test, you can immediately start consuming drugs because it will not affect your test result. Always check your drug test date before consuming the drug because a positive result can affect your job and future as well. Drugs have a bad effect on health. If your drug consumption is not affecting your work performance then maybe your company will not give you a penalty.

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