How to stop hair from tangling at nape of neck?

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Are you don’t know how to stop hair from tangling at the nape of the neck? Of course, Hair tangling is a common problem. but if you follow the right step then you can avoid this. Here are some very effective tips that can prevent hair tangling ad also hair loss.

To learn how to stop hair from tangling at nape of neck?

Hair tangle is a problem that every girl faces. No matter what the situation is the hair automatically tables after some time especially after washing. Hairs at the nape tangle the most and detangling your hair from at the nape are very tough. There are many reasons for hair knots and tangles. For example natural oils, rough hair, humidity, pollution, and all. So here are some pro tips for how to stop hair from tingling at nape of neck. These tips will work on every type of knotter hair so you do not have to worry about your hair types.

#1. Always use conditioner

If you have curly hair then conditioner is a must step after every wash. Leave in conditioner for at least 5 to 6 minutes after washing. Of course, this will soften your hair and prevent it from becoming tangled. Conditioner smoothness the hairs and prevents tangles for a long time. Conditioner is like a moisturizer for the hair. Just like sunscreen is essential for skin the same way conditioner is necessary.

#2. Use cold water

USe cold water to try hair and prevent hair tangling

If you want to stop hair from falling and make your hair tangle-free then use cold water to wash your hair. use shampoo and rinse your hair with cold water twice. When you wash with hot water then there becomes the certainty of dandruff and it also makes the hair root weak and the scalp rough. So always avoid using hot water for the hair wash.

#3. Do not blow-dry

Today’s lifestyle wants faster life so people use blow-dry almost after every hair wash to dry them. Use a paper towel or some soft towel to dry your hair. Do small sections start from behind and soak the water with the help of paper towels. It will take the same amount of time as blow-dry. So try to do this regularly. You can also apply the serum to wet hairs. The serum also helps in preventing tangles.

#4. Use a wide-toothed comb 

Always use wide-toothed comb and stop hair from tangling at nape of neck

If you have long hair then the chance of the tangles increase. So use a wide-toothed comb for your hairs. These combs make your tangle-free in a very short time and also prevent hair loss. So if you have curly and long hair then change all your combs with the wide-tooth combs. The improvement in your hair growth will be evident within a few months when you use a wide-toothed comb. Also, the hairs will become less tangled. Stop brushing your hair very frequently. The more you comb the more your will hair tangles. So avoid doing this.

#5. Apply hair oil & stop hair from tangling

Hair oil helps hair growth & prevent from hair loss issues

Almond and amla-based hair oil are very good for your hair. They not only help in hair growth but oil keeps the hair detangled too. These hair oils are made from natural ingredients hence they have no side effects. Do not apply hair oil to the damp scalp because it will start stinking after some time. People think that applying hair oil is a bad thing but it is not true. Hair oil can prevent more than 50 hair problems including dandruff, dry scalp, and hair loss. So consider this in your hair care plan.


In conclusion, use good hair products for your hair.  Do not see the price over quality. Because good hair products include natural ingredients and hence damage the fewer hairs. Hair tangling is the most common issue. So do not think that it is only happening to you. Follow all the above-mentioned effects carefully and you will not face the tangling problem. Do not skip a single step. If you will follow all this then I can guarantee that your hair will remind free for more than 48 hours.

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